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On days when we are all waiting for flaky snow, it is always a pleasure to watch them. Although millions of snowflakes of unique beauty falling from the sky may seem like chaos from the outside, they all have their own form, purpose and place to be placed within themselves.Well, when we turn the mirror towards ourselves, the reactions we give and the emotions we experience while going through difficult times can be amazing, right? However, our behavior at such times hides our true identity. Of course, they can be observed, realized and transformed if we are not satisfied with the questions.

Are the fear and stress I feel mine?

Some emotions are transmitted through experience, while others are transmitted from our family and environment. Especially if your answer to this question is family and environment; Realize that this feeling, which is not yours, is not really real. You are not your family or your environment. Discover your own color.

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What emotions would you like to experience more in your life?

This is individual for everyone. Someone is looking for compassion, someone is looking for passion, someone is looking for peace in their lives. And it is their absence that creates a sense of chaos in our lives. We may not even know what to do or what to think. However, we need to focus on the emotions we want to reproduce. If kindness is what’s good for you, a friendly hand, a helping gesture, maybe hanging out with your furry friends will help you get to know yourself better during these times.

Can you paint me a picture of happiness, Abidine?

Perhaps Abidin Dino never painted pictures of happiness, but he painted a picture of happiness to his friend Nazim Hikmet. Because everyone’s happiness is small and unique moments when they matter to him. Draw in your mind your own picture of happiness. And in moments of chaos, remember this more often. It will soothe you by instilling hope in negative moments.

What do you need right now?

Make a plan based on this answer. If you need support during a difficult time, feel free to consult with professionals who you think will be helpful to you. Before I took up the coaching profession professionally, chaos reigned in all areas of my life. When I realized that I needed support, the fact that someone objectively mirrored me and helped me to know myself felt a magical touch in my life. And then it is no coincidence that I went from chaos to healing, and then happily continued my life as a coach.

If you think your life is in a state of chaos; first turn the mirror towards you. Realize that you are both the key and the lock. And intends to be the key to chaos.

Because intentions are your mirror…

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