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Know your inner voice, learn to manage and initiate change


Change, It exists in the rhythm of life and all living things become stronger by adapting. Although this basic feature of existence requires human change, man expects change to occur primarily in processes and people outside of himself. This is one of the important features of human psychology. When the human brain notices changes, it perceives them as a threat due to its tendency to focus on the negative. Although our logic desires change, it is very difficult to change our brain’s response to change. At first, our brain uses very creative excuses. may resist change. Change requires us to get out of our comfort zone. Stepping out of our comfort zone creates an unknown, risky, challenging, and often frightening situation. With the thought of change, from time to time we begin to hear different inner voices. These voices may come to us as an intrusive inner voice or as an inner messenger voice coming from intuition.

inner voiceis a universal concept. We all have an inner voice. We all live with a choir inside our minds. It is impossible to destroy the inner voice, to throw it out of the head. The human brain does not like uncertainty and can exaggerate the slightest negativity and present it as reality. But our grouchy inner voice distorts reality in a way that does not reflect our abilities. This weakens our faith and self-confidence. This makes us constantly fall behind. The voice that comes as a nagging inner voice as we reach our potential feeds on negative experiences and lowers our energy and leaves us inactive. They know how to take a tiny piece of reality, turn it upside down and use it as compelling evidence of our transformational journey. They are purely an instrument of resistance and protection. Sometimes they talk loudly, sometimes they whisper. Like a negative inner voice, it is the voice that questions our abilities, judges us for every little mistake, and downplays our success. They constantly judge our self-image, ideas, goals, and values ​​and cause us to experience conflicts about ourselves. “Look, you failed again”, “you could do much better”, “there is nothing you can do anyway”, “you have to stop”… It is the voice that stops us from saying sentences like “What if I fail?” the verdict lies at the heart of these intimidations. Because you cannot predict with certainty whether you will succeed or not. Therefore, they turn into barriers that are difficult to overcome by building a wall of fear in front of them.

Message inner voice on the other hand, it is an intuitive voice that protects us. The appearance of the message of the inner voice is not to avoid change, but to be a shield against decisions made rashly, a veil of over-motivation, fantasy-level disappointments, pain caused by risky situations, failures and the like. emotions. They arose from negative experiences and comments that we had since childhood, or from observing negative events in the lives of different people. It exists for our own good, to make the paths we choose safe for us in situations that frighten us and sometimes even threaten us.

You will be able to navigate your life cycle more effectively if you can distinguish between that inner messenger voice and the nagging inner voice, identify them clearly, and be aware when you are listening to them. self-criticism The inner voice that comes intuitively in its form supports us by enclosing the element of reality, acting as a mirror, enhancing our performance and moving us forward. It does not promise us success or definite positive results. From time to time, setbacks, disappointments, and pain are necessary for our change, growth, and transformation. The important thing here is to turn our perception of failure or disappointment into learning. This inner voice will open up new perspectives in our view of opportunity. This perspective comes with awareness, without the fear of change and transformation.

The messenger is your inner voice, that is, use your intuition as a shield, a powerful tool for managing your life and a superpower, and thank it for its existence. To stop stopping ourselves, not to destroy our joy and enthusiasm by comparing ourselves with different people, not to overwhelm ourselves with fear and scenarios of failure, and to have a life that we are happy with. resist change and take action main. Implement the desired change by seeing the blind spots with our inner voice that comes from our intuition. Free yourself from all negative sounds.

You may need to talk to your inner voice for a bit to better manage this process. When these inner voices appear at the same time, ‘ok, tell me what you’re saying’ This is the first step to begin to recognize these sounds and make a conscious choice. After a confrontation, when you hear a nagging voice, instead of ignoring it or falling into its whirlpool, saying that you don’t need it and distinguishing it from your other internal dialogues, instead of fighting or trying to silence it, acknowledge it existence and just watch it come and go as an observer, if you can watch it come and go as an observer, going out of the state of sound and showing its accidental presence. it will turn into a low sound.

It is also important to know when these inner voices appear, and which people and environment provoke them. We need to pay attention to the fact that our support network is made up of people who see, understand, motivate us and support us in reaching our own potential with constructive feedback. Even if we use the best psychiatrist in the world, use the most effective drugs, or be the most experienced psychologist or coach, nothing will help if a person enters a toxic environment and continues to live there. It is our most natural right to choose the environment in which we will be and the people we want to take into our lives. However, you can say that there are people we cannot remove. Against the ideas and reasoning of these people in these forced situations. change our point of view This is another important step in this direction.

It takes time and effort to discern, recognize, understand and manage our inner voices. We can do this by giving our all every day, tirelessly. As long as we exist, the result of all the efforts we make will be the most meaningful effort we make to begin to control all the voices within us, to free ourselves and realize our dreams.

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