Keep your life purpose in mind as you fly into the wind


Where do we come from, where are we going? Do our hearts have a purpose? Or are we just blown away by the wind in all directions? What is our main goal on our life path?

We are born, we grow, we develop, and we are constantly looking for ways to be happy in our journey at this stage of development. We work, strive, consume non-stop, so how happy are we? Although the paths of each of us are very different from each other, the vicious circles in which we live are always the same. How different are our standards, lifestyle, essentials and what we consume? While it is our soul that will lead us to true satiation, do we ever consider how much we feed our soul in this impulse? While I know that there are people who strive to grow and nurture their soul and focus on living their lives the way they should be, I see that most of us actually live only as prisoners of our greed, consumption and ego, and the worst thing is that they just breathe, not even realizing what they are really happy with. . I know that when life is really varied and colorful, many people only focus on black and white and don’t see the harmony of colors. Yes, life is never just rosy, of course. But it has a thousand and one shades of pink, black, white and many other colors. These colors are actually the color that many people are aware of but somehow ignore the hits they get and the bad experiences they have had. As a result of their painful experiences, people try to protect themselves with shields created for themselves and take black and white as the main colors. They build huge walls that they think are insurmountable. But in fact, it is not so difficult to read in their eyes what they carry in themselves.

We don’t even realize that we all have the same goal… Who doesn’t love being happy, getting enough love, and even being wrapped in cotton balls? Our goal is to be essentially happy. Sometimes we are happy when we reach the top, crossing rocky paths and snow-covered muddy roads. Sometimes, some of us rejoice in every step we take on the snowy roads of our entire journey. The paths leading to the concept of happiness are very diverse. While some of us are only breathing, some of us are happy with the pleasure they experience by taking that breath with the care of leaving something good for future generations. While people are in limbo between good and evil, but when they choose good over evil, they attract more beauty into their lives like a magnet. Quote from an artist I love very much.Like a germ that can enter yesterday’s child, there is both good and bad inside of us.”. But it is important that this good tree within us grows, so that it blossoms and bears fruit. Despite all the bad experiences we’ve been through, being able to protect our hearts with a shield of true kindness makes us who we are. While we are being thrown against the wind, we need to close our eyes and focus only on the moment and calmly digest what we feel. Then, slowly pushing away each bad experience that has touched you with good will speed up the healing process. In the vicious cycle of life, it is essential that we stop and focus only on what we are looking at. It is very important to focus on never losing hope.

In fact, when we can choose only goodness without being prisoners of our ego and our ambitions, and we have the opportunity to be evil, when we choose goodness, the good will and will we show opens the doors of a colorful world for us.

Most of all, we need to love, to be loved, to have integrity. The peace you feel with absolute trust in someone may not be as special as any other feeling you give to your soul. If there is someone with whom you can experience this feeling, you are even more fortunate in life, because if you go with someone with whom you can express yourself without fear of judgment, you feel that you are whole in this journey. I think it should just be one of the shades of pink in life.

Each of us has bad experiences and worries that make us grow up. I am one of those who believe that everyone who enters our lives is not some kind of coincidence and is included in our lives, because I think that this is what we need to be taught. We are all passengers in each other’s lives, and we all contribute small and large touches to each other’s lives in one way or another. The main thing is not to forget who we are in essence, experiencing these touches, and remember our intentions in our hearts.

Sometimes I think, what is my place in this life cycle?
This past? He will come? Not! I’m just in “now”…
You need to realize and “feel” the beauty that you have.
You don’t have to fool yourself, you just have to really feel it.

“Your hope in the light of the rising sun that falls on the hills every morning,
Relief in every breath we take
gratitude world,
That deep feeling that the warm spring wind leaves on the skin,
When you close your eyes and stand directly into the wind, you feel like you can overcome anything.
Happiness when you feel that you are useful to someone, sometimes as a mother, sometimes as a wife, sometimes as a complete person,
Do you understand how strong, strong, invincible and happy you will feel?

We all have a purpose in life…

Even if their form, order, and function are different, we have reasons to be happy as long as we breathe.

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