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Jupiter transiting Taurus: “The biggest planet in the sky will govern the Earth”


Time to question our values ​​and financial matters! May 23, 2023 Transit of Jupiter in Taurus, which began on the date May 26, 2024 will complete this transition. The transit of Jupiter in Taurus, which is very important, offers us opportunities in terms of luck, abundance, our values, assets and money, on the other hand, it aims to act rationally, protect our assets, protect our values, know the value of our land to highlight the importance of food and to expand and grow in these matters.

If you like, let’s first get acquainted with the planet Jupiter, and then with the sign of the bull … The planet Jupiter represents optimism, travel, development in knowledge, luck, abundance and fertility. Almost buatuteethree GHeturnover gHeRuR. It gives expansion to where it is and has the effect of expanding the subject there, either positively or negatively. Jupeter search for meaning ithreedownload. When a sign transits, it moves under the influence of that sign, grows and wants to expand. The goal is to continue to develop in a positive direction. People, society want to go deeper by following the subject. Providing awareness here creates chances and opportunities for us to be more conscious and open to information.

Taurus means the economy, agriculture, our financial well-being, as well as aesthetics, beauty, love, comfort and coziness. The sense of security has improved. Because Taurus is an earth element, it tells us to be solid. It means calmness. You can think of it as the foundation of a building. Therefore, in the sign of Taurus there is production, there is a desire to create with patience and perseverance. The construction industry, the food industry are real concrete issues represented by the sign of the bull. Taurus tells us how to love by touch because of their tangible and tangible reality. It shows our sense of love and value. This is a comfortable building. He is quite comfort oriented and is a foodie when it comes to food.

Transit of Jupiter in Taurus enjoyIt’s about pleasure, nutrition, where we may find ourselves overeating. In terms of health, you can gradually gain weight, you can’t do without sports. We may find it difficult to get out of our comfort zone, we may be lazy, lethargic, we may be pleasure oriented, we may create more flexible behaviors, exaggerated purchases, aesthetics, we may end up being wasteful in these areas. But for all these questions balance chance JuPeter will give it to us.

soil fertility important work can be done. Investment in land can increase, economic growth can be expected, opportunities will be mainly in agriculture, land and land. Of course, our creativity will increase with the artistic aspect of the Taurus sign. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good luck, will give us the opportunity to expand in all these matters as long as we try to be firm and confident.

Ox Jupiter; as a result of the merger of two strong structures Over 1 year This is an important transition for us to invest wisely in all of these things, to stretch our legs according to our quilt, to act more rationally, while maintaining a balance of income and expenses.

June 4, 2011 – June 11, 2012 Jupiter was back in Taurus. Think about what you went through in your personal life at that time. Check them out, you may now have similar problems with this transit.

  • Food fraud may occur between July 7 and 12. There may be a subpoena for counterfeit products.
  • On July 12 there will be a positive aspect between Jupiter and Juno for the sake of relationships – + 1 day, it is possible to meet someone new during this period … However, on July 28, Venus will begin its retrograde movement and continue until September 5. , which means that you should take cautious steps. , you must tread carefully, this is a time of testing in a relationship … How valuable am I to this relationship?threeV? Time to ask questions.
  • From July 24 to September 2, Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will be retrograde in Leo. And this forms a hard aspect with Jupiter in Taurus, which means; We can overdo luxury, food, drink, entertainment, and consumption. This is the time when we expect more attention from our loved ones. We can pass the test in bilateral relations. On these dates it will be possible to limit our excessive interest demand and luxury spending.
  • October 28, Mars opposition to Jupiter, financial investments in the stock market, etc. You can get risky dates – + 3 days.
  • On April 20-21-22, 2024, the effect of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will occur. Where Uranus is, there is always a shaking energy. While unexpected events and sudden shock situations are on the agenda in the collective, we can experience this in real estate matters, buying and selling real estate from the past.

journey of the bull of Jupiter; We will grow materially and spiritually, and after the transit we will have a higher awareness, more grounded and based on a stronger foundation.

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