Tuesday, October 3

It’s time to leave: please don’t fasten your seat belts!


When we think of bohemian fashion, we think of elegant skirts and dresses. Respecting the curves, our bodies “You are my confession in all your forms” talking stuff. One of the representatives of this fashion trend in our country. secretly. Their stories are amazing!

20 yearsfirst OlympusV

This story began 20 years ago in Olympos. Then their story continued with their small shop in Kadikoy. From there they continued to grow by opening a large, stylish and vibrant store in Galata, the heart of Istanbul. An adventure that started in the country has gone global thanks to online sales. They opened to the world under the name Boho Clandestino.

Easy to say, hard to live. In Turkey, they have gone through many upheavals trying to become an entrepreneur, overcoming the Corona period and running a small business. They have also formed a team that talk to each other at eye level and have a very strong sense of solidarity.

Name of their new collection Far from Clandestino. These are designs that have come about as a result of this harsh winter that we have all been through. Colorful, blooming pieces filled with the desire to say “oh” and the desire to hope. Queues, longing for distance, carried away by the freedom of being able to hit the road again and buy a one-way ticket.

Fars Collection by Clandestinostory

This collection is dedicated to “wild nature”.

You know, there is a voice calling us to the good life that we live in concrete blocks. “Come on,” the voice said, “take off your shoes.” Walk barefoot. Go out in the rain without an umbrella. Fall in love to the bottom, you are here, Shirazen. Go beyond logic. Ride a canoe on a lake in the middle of a wild forest. “Truth” through the eyes of a shaman. Remember!”

Everything is earth, dirt and some stardust.V This collection is dedicated to “far away”. After a hard and long winter, we invite you to put on your toucans, exotic leaves and, as always, flowers. We are writing a bold letter to our dreams, which we cannot afford because of the agenda and the desperation of the country. We know this letter will become a pair of wings and take you far. Please don’t fasten your seat belts!

Go far www.clandestino.shop

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