It’s time to get out of the “what can I do” desperation and take control of our lives.


God please help I mean, somebody help helped us again. With our own free will, taking responsibility, taking our will into our own hands…
Who did we ask for help, who did we blame?
The state to which we submit our will? Contractors to whom we give away our security?
Wrong decisions we made? Is it our voices we lay aside to God?

Does God live in this world order or do we? Aren’t we also shifting responsibility for ourselves onto others? We are the ones who put on their heads a higher mind than ourselves.
We hurt, most of all for our “if” …

What can I do Then, in desperation, we must step out of victimhood and take control of our lives.
Starting small…
From clearing the contractors around us, clearing the looters around us, clearing the devaluators around us…

To this day, we do everything to clear the filters of our heart and mind. We discussed our hidden agendas, repetitive patterns, and motivational behaviors one by one. We have tied our ego, we have known our nafs…
We did this to have a pure heart and share them. We made sure that our sieve was clean so that gravel and debris did not get through its slots. Right now.

didn’t touch me immorality that I forgive and ignore, abuses that I see and keep silent about,really good heartI will not keep the lies I tolerate in my own world.
I won’t let those who put off their work, those who don’t respect what they do, those who don’t appreciate what they give and receive, through the heaven door I’m building. I am a demon. I am the gatekeeper!
I am the weigher who puts the “pen” on one pan and the “heart” on the other.

My beautiful works for ugly mindsmy fear of survival“I will not sacrifice because of this.

I will know where I serve.
Otherwise, mind and earth will not be separated from each other.
The hand in hand of white and black will make everything gray and indefinite.
Let’s go separately. Those who make an effort and those who don’t, those who cut off their heads for their loyalty, those who do their best to yawn, those who take a step against themselves, and those who exploit others to shine. .. .
So let’s sober up the world, let’s sweep first our own door, then the world’s…

There is nothing to expect from the state, because you are doing your job, like them, holding on to the edge, as a victim of yourself, as a prisoner of your own fear. The state is what you are.
If you lie to yourself, he is a liar to himself.
If you procrastinate, he procrastinates himself.
If you leave your responsibility to others, he leaves it to God…
I won’t let go. Nobody’s conscience, nobody’s mind, nobody’s order.

Get up my friend, get up.

It’s not anger, it’s not punishment, it’s not discrimination. The state of self-disclosure.
Are you in the light or in the dark?
And where do you show it in your life?
What are your steps for this?
If you stop and speak from your heart and leave everything to Allah, you are the one who silently watches…
The unused right is the one you fight against.

The being is the representative of God on this plane, to whom do you delegate your embassy?
To whom do you give your power?
First, let’s weed out hypocrisy, carelessness, laziness, irresponsibility, lies, robbery and cowardice, first in ourselves, and then in our environment.
May the world you invite God into shine brightly, may it be an opportunity to learn and a blessing to those who do not know.
The hand of God is in the heart of the doer.

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