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Istanbul Modern, native and slippery floors


Istanbul Modernarchitect Renzo Piano The new building, designed by the doctor, was opened to the public in May. Although I arrived a little late by my standards, I recommend that anyone who loves art see both the building and the works on display as soon as possible. It must be one of the best things to do on days when the weather is so hot…

In a modern art building, designed in accordance with the spirit of interior works, currently Photo exhibition of Nuri Bilge Ceylan “Elsewhere”, consisting of the works of hundreds of artists of our country and the world. “Floating Islands” holding an exhibition of the collection and the construction process of the building for us. “Construction of Architecture” by Jemal Emden exhibited with the support of the Women Artists Foundation. “We are always here” You can visit the exhibition.

What happened when I overtook this my visit “belonging” was the concept. One can see very clearly how all the artists in the Floating Islands exhibition reflect in their work the periods and currents to which they belong. Belonging is something that directly affects how we perceive our lives. However, it was photos from Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s frame that made us question this concept more clearly. I find his exhibition of portraits made in India, Georgia, China, Morocco, Russia and Turkey very impressive. Because of the size of the portraits, the fact that they can give the impression that people are standing in front of us is a factor that adds to the impression. And it seems to me that there is a partnership in all the photos, was that we could see in each person’s eyes that they experienced very “similar” feelings in “another place”. Maybe these people put themselves in the place where they are. it was their inability to belong that created empathy. It might be hard to tell, but the look of anger in the girl’s eyes made the possibility so clear. Nuri Bilge Ceylan also says that people who find it difficult to feel like they belong to their place always attract their attention, and this time we have the opportunity to see this in their photographs.

Belonging is a topic that interests me a lot.

people mostly confuses conformity with belonging. Just because we can fit in a place doesn’t mean we actually belong in it. If I start with myself, I can say that I could easily adapt to almost any environment that I found myself in, but I felt that I belonged to very few of them. But the places where I shone the most were the places where I felt like I belonged. I think this applies to all of us. The places where we feel best, the places where we shine the most, are not places where we feel at peace just because we can fit in, but places where we truly belong. in English “feel alive” I think discourse is perfect for this, here we feel alive they are places.

For example, it is interesting that in Turkish we say “i feel aliveWe don’t use phrases like “i feel aliveMaybe we will say: “But this discourse does not describe the whole feeling.” Maybe it’s because we’re not familiar enough with that emotion, or because we don’t know how to adequately express our emotions. Expressing our emotions will make us look weak. Or maybe it’s because we’re members of a society that teaches us that talking about feelings is optional. Even if it’s hard to express, you need to look for places where he feels that way, and people around him who feel that way. otherwise There are too many “live” moments in life that are missed. And these things accumulate without realizing it, and even when everything is going well in our life, it manifests itself as a lack or dissatisfaction that we cannot give a name to. AND will surely appear before us, although some give their names, some cannot even name them…

First membership condition correlate quite naturally, and at a time when intimacy becomes so difficult. belonging – slippery soil. Unfortunately, it is no longer as easy as before to experience this feeling properly on such slippery ground. In an age where everything is virtual, has a limited shelf life, and is so ready to be consumed, “real” connections and satisfactions have been replaced by temporary connections and deep satisfactions that are ready to break at any moment if they cease to serve him. as he wants. And again as a result of the same the feeling of lack comes back to haunt us…

This we are the ones who can break the cycle In fact. If we haven’t already, maybe by starting to search, maybe not giving up, because we haven’t found yet, although we haven’t found yet… But first of all, we must stop, look around and ask. themselves: Am I only standing here because I fit in, or do I feel like I belong here?

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