Is your life useless enough to keep up with all the healthy lifestyle trends?


As an inevitable “coercion” of the modern world, we quickly absorb everything that is offered to us and take the time to think about anything that is imposed. Among the impositions that we are drowning in, the one that uses us the best and is the most media is healthy lifestyle trends. This sector, which is full of new food styles, weight loss drinks, sports and more, is quickly becoming popular and applied. Each new health trend determines many decisions in our lives, from what to eat and drink, to what to exercise and how long to sleep. Moreover, none of these solutions are as innocent as they seem…

We think we eat healthy

Do you know what a big trend “healthy lifestyle” has become recently? We are obsessed with healthy lifestyles… The rise in diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity has begun to force people to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, both raising awareness and scaring them a little. Thus, it became inevitable to come up with separate “nutrition tips” from each executive. While the benefits of various fruits and vegetables are listed in nutritionist reports with many followers every day, we have come to be surprised at what we will be eating… We have learned that many of the foods we eat are not actually healthy. .. So the real question is who decides what is healthy and what is unhealthy? How true is what we do to be healthy?

Of course, healthy eating trends have also created a market for exploitation of people who choose a completely natural way of eating. A frenzy of naturalness has been created, full of inflated balloons such as herbs claimed to be a panacea, detox recipes, alkaline waters, and the wonders of red fruits. Addiction to natural nutrition has evolved against addiction to prepared food, which is the result of a culture of consumption… Dietary methods and foods that have several benefits that have been relatively tested (mostly not approved by experts), and foods have become fashionable one by one. one. The result is a huge unhealthy fat world…

We are confronted by the media that constantly gives false, contradictory and distorted information about healthy lifestyles, alternative medicine therapists and nutritionists looking for benefits. We see that what each of them says is being implemented and that good or bad people get results. Some of them we like and include in our lives, while others are saddened by their tragic consequences and try to stay away. But while we are drifting in this information pollution, we are also unconsciously healthy.

Is meat the only source of protein food?

If we had to list the generally accepted judgments about healthy eating, we would probably write number two as “the most correct and most powerful source of protein.” One can argue how true this stamped information is … It is a fact that animal products contain a large amount of protein, but it is a big lie that protein is the only source …

In fact, you can meet all of your protein needs with a plant-based diet. Because greens like spinach, peas, broccoli, legumes like beans, chickpeas, lentils, bulgur, and nuts like pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews are great sources of protein that are easy to find. Most of us are more or less aware that there are sources of protein that replace (or rather, are an alternative to) meat. Here it should be asked and emphasized why we are looking for an alternative protein to meat. Is our conscious duty or veganism the only reason for this search, or are there other important reasons?

Have you noticed that almost all recommended diets, dietary recommendations and recipes are filled with meat and deli products? The incidence of cancer, which is increasing at the same rate as the increase in the consumption of meat and meat products, raises questions about whether eating meat is actually healthy. The answer is obvious; Excessive consumption of meat increases the risk of death, and according to recent research on this topic, there is growing evidence that a vegetarian or Mediterranean diet is healthier. On the one hand, it is a huge irony that protein diets are especially recommended for athletes and people who want to lose weight. There is another important detail voiced by the World Health Organization that is even more ironic… The risk of diabetes and obesity in people who eat a lot of meat is much higher than in those who eat vegan… In fact, meat products that we consider healthy are doing damage both nutrition and animal production conditions and industrial animal husbandry. The environment makes the meat we already eat unhealthy and carcinogenic, doing more harm than good. How healthy can it be to consume (consume) the meat of animals that have been genetically engineered to grow fast, exposed to “protective” antibiotics to keep them healthy, tortured, extremely unhealthy, and raised only by stacking… are you not saturated enough with chemicals?

“Healthy snack” lies

Another highly recommended but extremely unhealthy food group is healthy snacks. With the increase in the variety of packaged diet foods in recent times, these products are becoming more and more popular. These snacks, which come in many varieties, such as low-calorie crackers, cereal bars and mini desserts that are claimed to contain no sugar, are of course very popular in these days of consumption culture at its peak.

Especially the fact that they are readily available in supermarkets, their prices are similar to similar products, and of course our attention was drawn to the incredibly low-calorie and healthy images written on them. Unfortunately, they contain dyes and chemicals that extend the shelf life. If I just give an example, it does not contain sugar, but it does contain a sweetener. So he pretends to be healthy, but continues to poison ….

In fact, there are many alternatives for those looking to switch to healthy snacks. Nuts, yogurt and oatmeal, fruit recipes or smoothies can be much healthier and more nutritious snacks.

You choose what you want to eat

With consumption and the promotion of a culture of consumption, the trend towards processed and prepared foods is growing at the same rate. Unfortunately, they will continue to support each other in an endless loop. This collusion between governments and leading brands in the food industry is costing us our entire health, our future and our generation. Even if you decide what to eat and what not to eat, in the end, they decide what to feed you. Describing the harm of red meat, people who switch to white meat become infected with avian flu.

After all, it is possible to choose foods that are suitable for our health and diet and learn about this subject. The first thing we need to do is recognize that we live in an oppressive and persuasive order regarding junk food and speak out against that order. I leave it up to you to decide whether to switch to a plant-based diet or prefer a different diet. But it makes sense to stay away from foods that are packaged, processed, have an expiration date, and contain sweeteners, preservatives, and other chemicals. It is in your power to stay away from all unhealthy trends in this world of consumption, where there is no guarantee that one day cancer, obesity, diabetes or other disease will knock on your door …

You can take the step of changing your own life and diet so that you don’t feed this industry, which is costly to nature and humanity, and not be part of this destruction.

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