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Is time the cure for all pain?


Each of us at least once in our lives heard the phrase: “Time is the cure for everything.” It’s true, isn’t it? Time heals usWill he heal all our wounds, will he make us forget our pain, will he become a balm for our hearts that do not stop the pain? What does “time” do with our wounds until our cries and screams are heard from outside? Like the tears of a phoenix Does time heal any wound it touches?? Who knows; Maybe time will be a cure for someone’s pain, salt for someone else’s wound…

Well, how do we know; Will time heal our pain like cotton balls, or will it penetrate us deeper? We do not know… Every pain is different, some are very fresh, some are very old, some have received their share of the passing time, some have not yet arrived … But we must remember that time does not have the ability to “do nothing”; every second, every minute, every day, every moment, our pain touches our hearts, our souls and our emotions from somewhere. Sometimes his power is enough to bring about great changes, sometimes not enough; Even if they don’t erase our pain, they embrace us with compassion. And whenever we fear the intensity of our suffering we take refuge in time… Time becomes our refuge; Even if we think it won’t end, our big pains Time is a friend of this timid shred of hope waiting somewhere in secret.whether we admit it or not…

“Time heals every wound.” said Shakespeare said, “Everything can be cured, not only death.” he added. The famous English writer Lewis Carroll “Time removes the burden of the past and allows you to look to the future with hope.” he drew attention to the power of time. If Oprah “A wound takes time to heal, over time you can develop your pain.” said. Moreover, there is more; Based on the experience and knowledge of many famous names in the world, healing power of time tried to explain. All these quotes actually mean that time can lessen the severity of suffering. can ease the burden of the past and it shows that we can look to the future with the hope of building something again; Though we don’t want to believe when our pain is fresh…

Although we all know it, it’s hard to believe, yes, it may be impossible to accept that time will be a balm for our pain, maybe we want our pain not to go away, we want to remember, we want to always remember, maybe we feel guilty if we start to feel a little better, but such is the order of being of a person, of life, of the world. Even if we resist time will go on And when it passes, it will change things wherever it touches. Maybe we are losing a job, maybe a friend, maybe the house we live in; We are left alone, we lose hope, we feel like nothing will get better, it seems impossible to say “time will pass” while we feel the absence of our losses everywhere, and our pain grows inside us, yes. But “time” will pass. Even if time does not pass, “time” will pass. And something will change. The pain will not be completely erased, traces will remain, our wound will not hurt like on the first day, but will heal with a crust and will exist; maybe we won’t see it as much as before, we won’t feel it, but we will continue to know that it exists, we won’t ignore it, We will not forget, but we will live on. We know that time will not completely erase our wounds, will not make us forget all our pain, but pressing them will keep flowing.

When we have a cut, a broken arm, or a traffic accident, we run to the emergency room and get medical attention as soon as possible; maybe in seconds maybe in minutes. But we don’t do the same when we’re heartbroken, when we’re deeply disappointed, or when we lose someone we love so much; We know that there is no “urgent intervention” that can relieve our pain within minutes. Maybe we need weeks, maybe months, years when our heart hurts. And here comes the power of time again. Recipe for pain although there is no expiration date We know that our sores need “time”. Maybe 1 week, maybe 3 months, maybe 5 years…

Our scars are unique We have different pain thresholds.there is no standard barometer of our emotional and psychological resilience; therefore it is impossible to predict the severity of our wounds, the healing time and how long we will need; But We can say that time heals our pain.. While our pain cannot be completely erased over time, our wounds can heal, our emotions can decrease, and most importantly, we can learn how to deal with our emotions over time.

Time, in a sense, allows us to accept pain, live and live on. gives a chance. It allows us to return to ourselves, recognize our feelings, see what we need, process what we have been through, and continue to hope for the future when the moment is right. Suppressing a bit the rampage of our negative emotions, Dressing our bleeding places. Though it doesn’t completely erase our pain, it eases its violence, Of course, there will be a scar, but time will do everything possible so that it does not hurt as much as on the first day. Of course, as long as we allow it… Although the timeline is different for everyone, the depth of our wounds; Our pain management process, our way of healing, will also be unique. But as long as we allow ourselves and accept all our feelings, we will find the best path for ourselves and try to heal without losing faith in the power of time; for however deep our wounds and however fresh our pain, we must heal ourselves first and then the world.

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