Is there no time or is it left to us?


I am a person whose problems with “time” never ended, I know that. But it’s like time never ends with me, days, weeks and months go by without understanding, and whole years turn over and there’s no end to my sense of accomplishment. In fact, I get so caught up in it that sometimes I forget where I’m going to catch up. Then when I stop and think about it, I find myself asking, “Should I go somewhere?”

It’s like someone is constantly entering my mind and loading me with tasks that I don’t know what they are, that can’t be concretely expressed, are intangible and have no definition, and I suddenly find myself in anxiety: “I have to do something do”. ‘. What if “what should I do?”, let me know what it is, let me do it so that this fight with myself will end. But no. Not the slightest hint. No.

The one that is in each of us -unless you’re one of those lucky ones who figured it all out- there is a feeling of emptiness, how to fill it? Obviously, time is not the cure for everything, because whatever that missing thing is, every moment that passes without replacement seems to add salt to the pain. Then you can’t help but think, “Did time even exist, or was it just me?” The big world where everything fits, can’t fit my time?

Derman hides in your troubles; When we say “I got the cure” when we mean that we are sick, it really means to be healed, then I hope that every time that passes is a healing of this sense of timelessness. I hope that everything that I worry about “no time, no time, time is short, time is up” happens spontaneously in this passing time, without my knowledge, or the right conditions are created, and when I wake up one morning, I understand that there is no room left in me and I need to reach somewhere, I can get rid of the feeling of “now everything is in order.” I hope you can say too. You, too, can release this silent demon that enters your mind and imposes tasks that you cannot understand. Let’s hope we all…

Perhaps those who have watched the movie Time can better understand this feeling of fighting against time. Ah Justin, despite the fact that you won hearts and it’s been more than 10 years since your film, it’s like you made us look at the results of our day. but don’t make lists this time to what watch lists 😊.

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