Is the second pregnancy harder than the first?


pregnancy process Undoubtedly, this is an exciting process for every expectant mother, as well as an unsettling one. The period of pregnancy, which offers a different experience for every woman, is a time when many changes happen at the same time; This is a process during which many physical, mental and emotional ups and downs are experienced, and under the influence of hormones, expectant mothers are left alone with various ailments. It is possible that all these changes will cause a lot of negative situations, such as stress, anxiety, depression … However, pregnancy is also a wonderful life experience, which many mothers or expectant mothers can confirm; watching the growth of the baby, feeling his development, movements, connection with him and much more … Well, how many times during pregnancy does this affect these experiences? Are there major differences between a first pregnancy and a second pregnancy? According to research, expert opinion, and mothers’ experiences, yes, there is a difference: The second pregnancy can be harder than the first!

Difficult aspects of a second pregnancy

While all pregnancies, and therefore the experience of pregnant women, are unique, the general consensus is that a second pregnancy is more difficult than a first. Yes, you may have been surprised and “How is it, previous experience, a lot of experience, similar situations and events…” did you say or – Oh yeah! past. Let’s see why the general opinion is in this direction and why second pregnancy is harder

First, as you can imagine, meeting the needs of two children is probably more difficult than taking care of one child (even if one of them is in your womb). Especially if your first child is still small… Many mothers claim that during their first pregnancy, they can spend more time with themselves and their children in the womb, enjoy their pregnancy, spend more time and effort on meeting their needs and protecting their physical, spiritual and mental health. However, the situation is somewhat different with second pregnancies. It is quite difficult to take care of a baby in your womb, take time for yourself, spend time with your firstborn and rush to his needs, because time is a big problem…

There is no doubt that at the same time trying to do everything, almost chasing time. The first thing many mothers do is give up their own sleep, rest time … As a result, many mothers may have to contend with a more tired body and a more exhausted mind during their second pregnancy. Loss of control not to mention. It is extremely difficult to control everything, trying to keep up with every job, trying to be perfect, housework, the needs of the first child, personal care, social relationships, work life, if any, duties and responsibilities. Therefore, the mental load of mothers may gradually increase during the second pregnancy.

In addition, many mothers She claims that during the second pregnancy, they received less support than during the first. However, the situation is this; Having a similar experience once does not lighten the burden of this experience a second time. On the contrary, because there is a child in the house that needs to be taken care of. mothers need extra support during their second pregnancybut, unfortunately, most mothers do not receive the expected response.

According to experts, in addition to the social, psychological and emotional disadvantages, the physical difficulties of the second pregnancy are also more significant. More insomnia and fatigue aside, morning sickness and cramps more severe and intense in the second pregnancy than in the first pregnancy. Experts state that morning sickness can occur in a second pregnancy even if it doesn’t occur in a first pregnancy, or that it can recur and even be more severe in a second pregnancy even if morning sickness occurs in a first pregnancy. On the other side, Braxton Hicks Fine prodromal or false labor pains Experts who say there may be more contractions, known as contractions, in a second pregnancy than in a first pregnancy emphasize that this can all vary from person to person.

light side of second pregnancy

Don’t get discouraged by the issues mentioned above. Yes, the second pregnancy has some difficulties and some disadvantages compared to the first pregnancy, but it is not without pluses! Easier delivery, easier breastfeeding, and earlier felt baby kicks.

Studies show that a second pregnancy mothers may begin to feel their babies kicking or moving in their tummy sooner. Fascinating, isn’t it! On the other hand, even if they did not breastfeed their first child, mothers their second child gets milk more easily There are also studies showing

MoreoverWith the second pregnancy, preparation for childbirth and the period of delivery take less time than with the first. Studies show that the first stage of labor (cervix dilatation) takes an average of 8 hours for nulliparous mothers, and for women who have given birth earlier, an average of 5 hours. The second stage (expulsion and delivery) can take up to three hours for nulliparous mothers, while it can take less than two hours for those giving birth to a second child. Of course, all this can vary from person to person.

The important thing is that every mother-to-be or second-time pregnant woman should focus on her own journey and not compare her experience with anyone else’s experience in meeting her needs. If you want to know more about pregnancy and the postpartum period, you can also check out our articles below:

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