Is the place where you start over the old one or the stone of the new world that you created?


We are tired, we are tired of not saying that we are tired. Hearts, minds, bodies broken.
Our conscience is permeated with guidelines for the right answer and the right step. You know, we still had doubts about where it was used or how it was read. Leave a branch to hold on, not a speck of dust left in life.
If you fall in love, achieve great success, have a lot of money, be very healthy … It’s like they are all in the corner, idle, dull fake realities.
Because we are stuck in their connection with each other, with others, with someone other than ourselves.
Like a thief rabbit, our theft, hidden even from ourselves, in a huge flash became visible to us.
Be surprised; “What am I doing here in this state?”
In the fake dump, inside the tin wires that we took for gold, everything took on a rusty look, a raw ringing.
We stayed.
So we stayed.
No fire was strong enough to bring us to the end.
We have seen how limited our fuel is. We have met our fuel of life, which runs out before we turn the corner, and which is not continually renewed.
We couldn’t give up, we couldn’t leave.
Even anger was ignored…
We just stayed.
Our guts knotted, our stomachs churned, our eyes lit up, our hearts beat in prayer.
We are all dead. We are all hanging in limbo.
In fact, we all measured our height.
We are left alone with the capital of the states that want to recreate everything.
At the beginning of time, when we must learn to produce…
Something from the earth, art and works of course, but mostly; on the threshold of the time when we must learn to produce ourselves out of ourselves…
On the threshold of a door that gives birth to hope, gives birth to decisions, gives birth to peace, gives birth to trust…

Self-supporting, self-creating, self-transforming and developing…
From the source of feminine energy.

Our exercises have always been from the outside, we have created a product, we have created a performance, we have created a work, we have tried creativity and performance in the global market. Now masters, it’s time to create from yourself.
What do you have?
What is your investment in yourself?
What have you gathered in your chest, about reality?
What you hide like gold, is it still gold?
Or has he turned into a tin?

Is the place where you start over the old one or the stone of the new world that you created?

Everything has changed. We are not the same people. No tree, no living being is like another. We all changed overnight.
We are now in a place where we are seeing change as we begin to slowly see our shock ice melt, where we begin to face the pain and the truth.
If you say before, it was an assumption before.
Unlike the rapidly consuming world that passers-by are used to, we are faced with the reality of those who are slowly recovering and using time for themselves.
Does not pass, does not dry up in an instant. We are following the process, but we want it to end and go, as always. It does not end, it develops into something else, but it is not covered. Layer by layer we live in the present moment. We relive our states of wanting to run away layer by layer, trying to ignore them and addicted to their habits.
We glue it again from the place where we put our hands.
It won’t end if you don’t see and know.
He bound us, the great healer bound us before the state. The threads of those who understand are torn, those who understand come back to life. Well what a life…

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