Is it wise to give up corporate life for the dream that you have realized in your head?


“Every choice is a renunciation.” — Jean-Paul Sartre

I just came across an article. According to a study conducted by Google in 2021; World for the first time in 2021 how to find a job more than a question how to start a business new with question business opportunities (I was also interested in 2022, and through research I realized that the same questions are asked in different ways; “Can I change my life?”, “How can I change my career?” were among the most popular. after the questions I wanted to share my adventure as someone who left his corporate life and had nothing to do with his corporate life for ten years as a Pilates teacher, social media player, financier and administrative officer of the verb studio in his own boutique -Pilates studios, thinking that it can inspire those who explore this topic.

Based on the credentials given to me by a graduate of the Koç University of Mathematics, my journey began by applying to many large companies in Turkey. Mathematical problems, which I enjoyed solving in high school, did not remain at the university, and acquaintance with the abstract-conceptual part, far from numbers, disappointed me and made me turn away from mathematics. That’s why I applied so many times to the marketing department because of my admiration for the marketing courses I took in my electives. However, I received no response from any of them. With this deep sadness, I faced the fact that I had to enter a place parallel to the faculty in which my diploma was written, thanks to the answer to all my applications from the financial department one by one. So, as a general institutional approach, I thought to myself that a mathematician cannot be a marketer. Resigned to my fate, I followed the corporate path where I was able to reach the position of Commercial Credit Analyst at a leading Turkish bank and then Assistant Manager of Corporate Risk Management at two leading Turkish holdings.

My family, friends, acquaintances praised my career. Heeled shoes, suits, seminars attended, English “corporate jargon” between meetings, year-end events that try to make you feel like you belong in the institution you’re in, of course deserve these accolades. He must have earned it because I was working in the most niche sector by Turkish standards, regularly getting my salary at the highest bonus system, taking the vacations I wanted and maintaining my business life in a quality community. However, Tulya, who is behind this praise, thanks to her acquaintance with the disease of our age “panic attack” at the age of 25. he is really happy I began to look for the answer to the question. In a career with so many positives, it seemed like a spoiled question to ask this question. I was already in my comfort zone. My knowledge of my work was very high and I was confident in myself. What could be the problem? Since I couldn’t find an answer, my connection with the panic attack grew stronger day by day. I continued to be angry with myself, angry at my inability to control my heartbeat, as if it were threatened. Breathing exercises, NLP studies, Universal Energies, Affirmations, Meditations, all the valuable books read in terms of introspection, gave an instant insight, but there seemed to be no radical solution to what I was going through.

At the personal development camp I attended for a week, the stones began to fall into place and I started talking about my work. I need to act on my emotions rather than make logical decisions. I understand. Contrary to the positive aspects that I just mentioned to you, my feelings spiritual satisfactionHe told me he was missing. Maybe the analyzes and reports that I did matter to my company, but they never brought me moral satisfaction within me. So what should I do for this? The answer to the question was hidden in the question about activity in the same camp; ‘HOURWhat is the best thing you have done and not given up in your life?

As a person with a monkey personality, I realized that I have tried all kinds of sports all my life without the guidance of my family and I have never been disappointed in it. And if you expect me to say that I immediately opened a Pilates salon, you are mistaken. Because it was very difficult for me to convince myself that the action I would take would actually relax me. Although I didn’t succeed in fully waking up the sleeping giant, even the movement was expensive.

The theme of spiritual satisfaction haunted me for a long time in my routine working days. My thoughts control my emotions comfort zoneHe never wanted to take me out of my life, but in the emotional part, my heart was shrinking and shrinking and I was constantly faced with brand new problems such as dry eyes, stooping back and neck pain at the computer in glass jars with my deep unhappiness day after day. My panic attack stubbornly resists and then Would you not take it if you have high blood pressure? He calmed down with the help of medical treatment, as I saw for myself with the help of his sentence.

Two years after I went to that week-long camp, I decided to take a Pilates class for a change and for pain relief. Feeling really good for my body after a month of regular exercise seemed to have an effect on my energy at work. Chest tightness lessened, the music I listened to in the morning became more rhythmic, and I was able to add a smiling face to my good mornings. I think that just at this time the sleeping giant woke up from hibernation and gave me light to prepare for spring.

I only have one lifewell my life really meaning I felt that body awareness and vitality were added. The idea of ​​extending what is good for me to everything and providing services in this area is something that I have never felt in recent years. passion and desire aroused his desire.

When I share this passion with my colleagues who praise and appreciate me in many ways, I can tell that they think I’m crazy, in addition to thinking I’m crazy, but I can tell that they destroyed my motivation by saying that this is wrong. bad idea, but I need to think carefully. I think the hardest part was that the obsession that I could never do a job that my degree didn’t allow, which I mentioned at the beginning, made me feel helpless. Although I have a very valuable place in my career, it is not clear if I will even earn ordinary money in a job that my degree does not allow. How meaningful was it to talk about passions? For a new generation, it may be very easy to answer this question, but for someone born in the 80s, like me, going beyond habits into the unknown was meaningless and unnecessary.

Indecision, anxiety, expectations, worries, negative feelings about the possibility of failure. Hit the gas first and then hit the brake. Then, as soon as the proposal I had made to myself convinced me, I went to give my resignation speech; How about getting a Master of Business Administration (i.e. MBA) degree in real life in the next two years?

When I asked what was the difference from the MBA, the following came out of my heart; Nothing you learn will be theoretical. 100% applied and as a result lifetime diploma It will be a bracelet that you can buy and use anywhere. You will learn from life experience at your own risk, without worrying about being late. You will discover the limits of what you can do, blend it with your corporate experience, and become a dissertation practitioner with your reality, not virtual…

These words made me get my MBA about my dreams in real life. I set myself a two-year limit. If I was unable to succeed and my passion that excited me frustrated me along with the thoughts of my dear friends that demotivated me, these two years seemed like the perfect time to return to corporate life and I was very comfortable making decisions. .

Since then I have done many Pilates workouts. I started my business by earning a quarter of my corporate life from my boutique studio. excitement and passion My earnings grew day by day. Sometimes I created corporate slavery for myself and worked until the evening. Sometimes I made a tour of the Aegean, allowing myself 3 weeks. The spiritual fulfillment I experienced from the connection and two-way interaction I had with my teachers and members reminded me how good the decision I made every year was. My life purpose in life To discover this is to remind both yourself and those around you what it means to achieve spiritual awareness with body awareness and walk that path. world transmitter. This year marks the 10th anniversary of my MBA J program. Each year I go through various trainings to awaken myself and the collective consciousness, and I intend to pass on this information by blending it with my experience.

There is much more to tell and share, but in conclusion, I leave 5 important tips for those who intend to change their career path:

  • Corporate life experience is really valuable. Institutionalism works well for relationship management and business discipline while developing a professional and intellectual perspective. Getting a lot of knowledge from the conquerors of Rome is always an advantage in building what you have in mind. 5-10 years of experience is ideal for understanding a corporate perspective.
  • In the nature of corporate affairs; If a monthly fixed salary, increased self-confidence by doing the same duties and responsibilities, and a comfort zone in which the rate of making mistakes is reduced by repeating what you’re doing, you’re in the right place, don’t be embarrassed. However, if you believe in yourself in constantly improving, expanding your capabilities, constantly striving to change your life from the routine, being creative, being proactive about risk, and being able to convince yourself of the benefit you will create, this is quite high, which will give you an advantage in running your own business. values.
  • With the entrepreneurial opportunity you’ve been dreaming of, you’re so committed to making that dream come true that you’re eager to touch the lives of so many people. faith, courage and desire check if you have it.
  • List honestly what you have experienced that has prevented you from realizing your dream opportunity, and what steps you could take to move beyond that. to resources and which self-esteem and self-motivation you have, find them and take action to change them. Remember that medicines cannot heal the patient when they are in the box. You have to buy and use.
  • And most importantly, what is the link/relationship between the entrepreneurial opportunity you dream of and your goal in life? Don’t convince yourself listen to the voice in your heart take time for yourself and take time for yourself.

Note: the words that I wanted to draw your attention to in the article, I highlighted in bold. If you want this article to influence you internally, study what these words mean to you. I hope that with the answers you find, you will polish your creative side to create your own adventure.

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