Is it the lyrics or the melodies of the songs that influence us?


Words have the power to create. In many spiritual books and various teachings, you are advised to carefully choose the sentences that you say to yourself or aloud. Because every thought or spoken word contains energy, and this energy is capable of creating. When creating and speaking intentions and statements, care should be taken to use positive words because they work subconsciously over time. The number of people who realize that they live longer when they make negative statements about themselves and that their experience changes when they change their discourse.

Ever since I learned the creative power of words, I try to carefully choose the words I use when describing myself and events, and always stay away from negative conversations. Including songs that I listen to in this distant state. I prefer to listen to songs with depressing lyrics that are constantly talking to someone, and instead listen to songs with more positive, at least neutral lyrics.

But recently I listened to a mix of arabesque-pop, and I really liked it! Although his words came from negative experiences, whether it was the music, the singer’s voice or the rhythm, I really liked them and listened to them over and over again. After this experience, when I asked other people about their experiences, most of the comments I got were that they were influenced by the melody, not the words.

I agree that the power of music goes even further. Music speaks directly to our emotions. There is music that you just listen to, which pleases or upsets, in which there are many emotions at the same time. There are no words in it, you only listen to the sounds of the instruments. sound bath There is an intense study of energy balance called It is a fact that listening to classical music before bed reduces stress levels and improves sleep quality. Even the little ones are soothed by calm music.

While the lyrics affect emotions indirectly, the melody has a direct effect. When a person in a good mood listens to a song with negative lyrics, their mood may not change. But even if you are in a good mood, when you hear a sad melody, you are more easily moved and feel that there is something inside you.

My conclusion; in my experience, his music gives me pleasure; so his words did not affect him negatively. But it happened when I was in good mode. I realize that if I listen when I’m in a bad mood, his words will affect me more easily, because the nervous system is more vulnerable when he is in such a state. Since he is influenced by his music, he can also get caught up in his words and begin to change his mood in a negative way.

I would suggest this; Draw attention to the lyrics of the songs you listen to, just like any other topic. Do not memorize a song or repeat words without thinking, as we did in childhood. We may not have known this when we were kids, but as we grew up, we were surprised why we liked so many of the songs we studied the lyrics for. You might think that a song with negative lyrics that you listen to when you’re in a good mood doesn’t affect you, but listening to the same song when you’re frustrated, angry, or blaming yourself can lead to even more negative mood. than yourself. can imagine. At such moments, it is better to turn to songs that will balance you. Because while the melody of the songs is a little more prominent, the power of creation is a fact.

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