Is it possible to maintain desire and sexuality in a long-term relationship?


What do you think is the first thing couples should be taught at the beginning of their relationship? The realization that this is completely normal for sex and the desire for change in long-term relationships. In short, as we change and how we relate to each other, so does sexuality, and that’s perfectly normal. Maybe if we knew this from the start, we could get some of the relationship confusion out of the way.

After the love part of the honeymoons, it’s highly likely that your sex life and/or our feelings about it will change in some way as you move into a more permanent version of the relationship. Even if we act the same as we did in the beginning, it probably won’t be long after the first year of hormone-fueled uncertainty and tension. That’s why it’s so important that we encourage research and growth to keep sex hot in long-term relationships.

As a culture, we are very concerned about sex. Our imagination and understanding of sex is very limited, underdeveloped and locked into narrow patterns. According to my teacherstransition from sexual anorexia to a five-course feastYou need to be open to new ideas. You will need to face your shame or ignorance about sex, take part in the process of exploring your own and your partner’s desires, slow down and be patient with yourself and your partner.

Most sex books actually list sexual techniques in tabloid form, but little is known about the process when we really need psychological stimulation. But unfortunately, better communication and empathy, coupled with a lot of “new techniques” is not enough to unlock your potential for pleasure as a couple.

To understand what drives you, you need to see how your socialization and psychological development shape your desires. It’s good to be ready to find out what really drives you, even if it’s confusing or annoying. Therefore, the willingness to learn with an open mind and a generous heart is invaluable. From the basics of arousal to fantasies that meet your deepest psychological needs, you can work with a counselor to help you explore the playground of sexual desire, or you can enrich your repertoire in this area by cultivating a variety of sources.

And, of course, to understand how you and your partner relate to sex, you must start by looking at the harmful social messages and myths that shape your idea of ​​sex. Then you will be able to get the tools you need to develop, strengthen and develop your sexual connection.

Thus, in a long-term relationship, desire can turn into a rediscovered area that is saved from exhaustion.

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