Is it possible to get out of the vicious circle and find your joy in life?


We think that life begins at our birth. However; not that way. The process we went through before we were born, and the feelings we experienced during this process, especially the feelings and fears of our mother, were with us while we were still in the womb, our childhood is as unique and inimitable as our fingerprints. Our childhood experiences; It determines our decisions, choices and behavior. It shapes our character, our temperament.

Even further, our family elders, passed down from generation to generation where our ancestors lived. Today science calls it epigenetics. In other words, what happened in the past affects our whole life and, accordingly, our joy in life and motivation.

Good news…

You can realize and transform these effects, live your own reality and potential. So how will it be? It will begin with a journey to your own essence. Throughout this journey, a person will ask himself bold and important questions. The most important questionWho am I?” The most important element of this process is awareness. Questions can only be answered consciously.

Nowadays, in modern societies, people are looking for meaning, feeling the joy of life; raise awareness, “self improvement” goes through the concept we call.

The result of this search is the proliferation of personal development books in recent years, the presence of personal development experts in the media, and the investment by individuals and organizations in many personal development trainings.

It changes and transforms as it passes through the stages of human life, while being conscious, “Why did this happen to me?” The attitude that always blames others is changing. Taking charge, YWhat will I learn from what I have overcome? Most importantly, they are people who can look at their emotions, who invest in their personal development to heal and transform their traumas rather than hide them, who are trying to understand their psychology, who are living their lives and relationships with a more conscious awareness.

That’s why; He directs a person’s search for his own personal development in order to get out of life in the same vicious circles and see the real dynamics of what is happening. So; there is an opportunity to increase and intensify the joy of life, which from time to time decreases and even is lost. Because within each person there are traumatized parts that are passed down from generation to generation and which are influenced by his own life events. However, we also have a healthy part. Personal development, awakening to one’s own truth; strengthening our healthy part and increasing our ability to cope with life’s events… Personal development also means growing, maturing and taking responsibility.

online platform; If he produces content about personal development, it means that he anticipates the needs of the individual and society and supports them to meet this need. I would like to thank the Uplifers team for this sensitive approach and vision. I intend to raise awareness among readers and promote their personal development. I hope that what you read will serve your joy in life. Life is beautiful with awareness.

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