Is it possible to be here without chasing tomorrow?


Tomorrow is not promised! The next moment is not a guarantee for any of us… We all know this in practice, but when big disasters happen, we see how thin the thread of life is.

Last week I attended another Sadguru online training! (Sadguru is a world-famous guru of Indian origin who combines ancient mystical teachings with the modern world. Just google his books and go.)

“If you wake up tomorrow, check yourself if you are alive, and smile at yourself if you are alive. Whenever you look at your watch, remember that you live here and smile at yourself again.

While trying to explain it, we all laughed at first, but it really might not be tomorrow! We have seen and see this when we experience the disasters that we experience as a country, or when we are left alone with the problems that we face in our individual world! Making plans for tomorrow, we think that it is in our pocket, but in fact it is not so at all!

All enlightened masters say the same thing, in fact what we call enlightenment is realization. A place to capture the uniqueness of this moment and root in it, expanding… Since trust comes not from having something, but from trusting in this moment, here, how we trust, we take root, in the case when we call surrender, this is rooting result! Leaf does not challenge the vicious winds, he knows that the essence of the wind is movement, and this realization causes the beginning of never-ending love. Why not turn your whole life into this love?

All the masters, gurus who lived at different times, in different places, basically everyone talks about this, only their approach to the road is different, and we, city dwellers, are generally inclined to learn to understand this through pain. Our transition from learning to understanding can become a lifelong vicious cycle.

In our individual life
When we lose a loved one and cannot tell him what we want,
When we face serious health problems and think we are nearing our own death,
We are beginning to understand the meaning of this movie’s ending and how precious those little moments are!
This moment is now a gift that will never return…
We can’t cancel or remove parts of this movie that we don’t like because there are no duplicates!
Life is designed to give this moment its due, while remembering that every breath is a gift from the outside…

To be here without chasing tomorrow…
So easy and so hard at the same time, yeah!
We are beginning to realize how we have missed the magic of moments when we run into the future, when we are faced with the possibility of the gift given to us expiring!
And yes, this time will end one day, when it’s time for all of us,
We just don’t know.
So whatever tomorrow you see in your pocket is not in your pocket!
If we go even further, nothing will be yours!
We came empty-handed, empty-handed and we’ll leave
Everything we experience, touch, and experience is a gift.
And yes, we suffer because we do not realize the greatness of the gift.
The whole of life is about getting rooted in this moment, not in something or someone, only in this moment.
And the secret of rooting is to be here and now! I know being here and now in the noise of the city sounds like a curse, in fact it is one of the most advanced practices.
To pay attention to the place that your body occupies and to this existence that beats the heart,
Every breath is a gift
To be honest, we don’t even know if we can take the next breath!
To live this moment to the fullest
This is starting to change the relationship we establish first with ourselves and then with life!
Whatever you say, whatever you do, do it now!
In fact, I’m asking you if you’ve read this article up to this point,
Who do you want to name now and pass by,
What he wants to do, but if you make excuses
Do it now!
Let’s live this moment to the fullest!
What the present will turn into, only in our hands …
What will this moment become?

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