Is it good to lose weight with water fasting?


Many diets have become popular in recent years. People suffering from excess weight, especially in the short term, are in an effort to lose weight. Although it is unhealthy and does not provide permanent weight control; One can empathize psychologically when we consider the fatigue of people with overweight problems.

In my April article, I talked about the OMAD (One Meal A Day) diet. Since it coincided with the month of Ramadan, this was one of the suitable weight loss methods that you could try this month. Of course, because every body is unique and different, not every diet or diet will produce the same results for everyone. She has been teaching my clients the principles of sustainable healthy lifestyle and nutrition for many years; I provide them with psychological and spiritual support to permanently lose excess weight. One of the most important things I can say from looking at the stories of thousands of clients over the years; In order to get rid of excess weight in a healthy way and achieve permanent weight control, it is necessary to try different diets for a certain period of time and during this time.

In this article; You can try if it suits you, of course he is losing weight, but besides him complete cleansing, providing cleansing of the intestines, rest of the organs, I will talk about the application (not detox).

water fastWhat diet or we don’t say detox because this practice dates back to Hippocrates at the beginning of human history and has a place in the religion of Islam (recommended by the medical scientist Ibn Sina). “feeding break”

water fast The minimum duration should be 5 days, the maximum duration should be 10 days. medical professionals advise. It has many benefits, from burning fat, to destroying harmful (carcinogenic) cells, to complete colon cleansing, to healthy skin.

In order to better convey to you how this practice is done, who it is not suitable for and what you will experience as a result, we have been doing water fasting for years. Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner Chagry Nakipoglu I share with you my interview.

GB: How many years and how often have you been doing water fasting? What to expect when they try it for the first time?

POIs: I have been training for 4 years and twice a year. For those who will try it for the first time, you must first thoroughly cleanse the intestines. I definitely do not recommend using drugs here. You can completely cleanse the intestines by eating soft and liquid foods and drinking salt water a day or two before fasting.

I observe water fasting for 7-10 days. It depends on the period of work and vacation. It can usually be more convenient to do this during the holidays.

You must prepare yourself psychologically. The first day is a liquid diet, you close the stomach. When the intestines are emptied, the stomach stops giving the brain the “I’m hungry” command. When you continue to eat nothing for 48 hours, the body begins to fully feed from the inside.

The first 48 hours can be difficult for beginners. It is normal to experience feelings such as irritability, regret, low motivation. Within 48 hours, the body begins to mentally slow down in a way that it has never gotten used to before. After 48 hours, you will find that you have enough energy to go for a run at the beginning of the 49th hour 🙂 The first 48 hours are key.

The goal here is not to lose weight (but you lose a lot of weight), but to cleanse the body, so to speak, of “dirt”, cleanse the organs, cleanse the intestines, give the stomach a rest, reboot the body. .

For those who will be trying for the first time, my advice for 48 hours is more comfortable; organization of the time when you are awake and asleep. For example, if you go to bed at the time of your first hunger, you will spend 8 hours sleeping. When you wake up, this day will somehow pass, and when the second wave of hunger comes in 24 hours, you will sleep again. Thus, you can make the process more tolerable by going to bed two days earlier and sleeping 16-18 hours.

After your first experience of water fasting, in the second experience, you will have no difficulty in the first 48 hours, and you will be able to apply it easily, as the body has already done and learned it.

GB: What is consumed in liquid form during water fasting, what is prohibited?

POIs: All solid food is prohibited. During the process called “Water fasting”, you need to consume a lot of water 🙂 The body should not be dehydrated, as it cannot take food. There are those who drink tea, coffee, vegetable juices and soups, but I drink nothing but water. A person can consume liquids (without sugar and salt) according to their body and preferences.

When the body goes over 300 calories, it learns to be hungry and waits for food again, so drinking a low calorie liquid in this process will allow you to easily go through this process and get healthier results.

GB: What are the benefits of water fasting for the body?

POIs: If there is a candida fungus in the body, then it can destroy it (since the intake of carbohydrates stops), provides a complete cleansing of the intestines, since you empty the intestines before the process and do not defecate at all during water fasting. If there are hidden cancer cells in the body, they die, harmful cells are practically eaten by the body, and fat is burned 🙂

GB: How to switch to normal nutrition at the end of the process and what to eat?

POIs: It is necessary not to eat meat for several days after the end of the water fast, and to keep the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar at a low level. It is best to start with a breakfast that includes light, soft foods. Your bowels may not work again for several days; don’t worry, everything will be back to normal.

GB: How many days minimum and how many days maximum do you need to fast on the water? Who shouldn’t?

POIs: Since the body is activated after 48 hours, a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 days is recommended. I do this for about 9-10 days because my body got used to it as I have been doing this for years. We do not recommend long periods for beginners. The psychological part of the process is very important for preliminary preparation. When you start to prolong the period, at this time the body begins to lose muscle mass, loss of vitamins and minerals, due to which water starvation becomes more harmful for you than useful; Therefore, it is very important to keep reasonable deadlines.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people with diabetes/heart/thyroid or any internal disease, patients with migraines, dizziness, those with low blood pressure problems, and teenagers. No matter what, even if all your health indicators are normal and you feel ready for this, it is still better to consult a doctor or a specialist and take a step along the way.

GB: Why have you been doing water fasting for many years and what has it given you?

POIs: To be honest, in my first experience, I did it to lose weight. Then, seeing the positive impact of this experience on my body, feeling mentally strong, increasing my energy, seeing my body become more energetic and healthy, I felt very good. That is why I continue to fast on water for many years for the health and what it has given me.

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