Inspiring TED Talks Showing the Power of Collaboration


Do you know that doing good is good not only for the people you do good for, but also for yourself? When you lend a helping hand to someone, are you actually helping yourself? According to scientific research, yes! The way to improve both one day and our whole life, increase our happiness and do better for ourselves and the society in which we live, lies through kindness. Through the power of kindness and cooperation, we can overcome adversity and create a happier world for all. Here are the best TED talks to inspire you:

Helping others makes us happier – Elizabeth Dunn

Have you ever noticed that happiness is as close to you as a helping hand? Social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn explains that over the years of her research, she has found that people of all ages, even babies, enjoy sharing, and that various scientific studies show that people’s happiness increases when they help others. He claims that among people in different parts of the world, donors are happier than those who don’t, and that the effect of donating on happiness is the same as receiving twice as much income. However, in his talk, he shares that how we help is as important a variable as helping.

Help yourself by helping others – Christophe Debar

According to Christophe Debar, renowned speaker and founder of Toulouse ProtoSpace, we all want to do something meaningful; however, we may lose sight of the fact that if we dream of change, we must act immediately! However, we always have an excuse; I’m tired, I have no time, I’ll do it later like… According to Debard, we must discard these excuses and act with kindness, cooperation, and altruism. Debard, who has continued his life with a prosthetic leg after losing his leg many years ago and feels very lucky because of it, is working to give the same chance to all those in need and highlights that we must work together to become stronger.

Find your strength by helping others – Andy Shirtliff

Andy Shirtliff, who was given up for adoption due to the difficult living conditions of his family, first talks about the turning points of his life in his inspirational speech, and then talks about how he caught Shulman syndrome, which is a very rare disease and a rarity in the world. Shirtliff, who said he found the situation hard to accept at first and thought he was being punished, has been talking to people who are having health problems because of his job and insurance companies not covering their health costs. That is, he encounters stories very similar to his own. Over time, he feels the need to do something for these people, and changes begin; focuses on healthcare reforms, volunteer work, patients’ rights and more.

How a small act can bring more joy – Keith Barlow

Full of life, excited and happy, Kate Barlow manages to inspire people of all ages with her speech, despite her young age. Talking about her adventure in volunteer work and how happy and positive they seem to spend time with children in need, Kate argues that even a simple and small help is enough to increase happiness many times over. We can learn a lot from this little girl…

How one day can change your life – Mark Kelly

Have you ever thought that you can improve both your day and your whole life by giving a mug of hot coffee to someone who was outside on a cold day? Mark Kelly, owner of the What I Know Now podcast, says from his own experience that the greatest happiness lies in small donations. Having said that she has tried motivational talks, personal development workshops, yoga and more but couldn’t find anything better than helping someone, even a little bit, Kelly invites us all to be part of the helping chain. Thus, we can spread the good…

The Power of Kindness – Brooklyn Decker

Hollywood actress and model Brooklyn Decker talks about the struggles she has faced and the devastating criticism she has faced throughout her life, especially early in her career, and how she took refuge in her positive side to overcome all obstacles, and about what he has achieved. Decker also talks about the importance of compassion today and how it can affect our lives and the lives of those around us. If you find it difficult to stay kind during difficult and stressful times, this conversation can make your job easier.

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