Inspiring stories of those who left, wandered and migrated


When you’re stuck in traffic after work, or when you can’t keep up with the speed of the agenda, when you find it difficult to follow fast-paced news, when you’re fed up with crowds, noise, polluted air, maybe your neighbors, or where you live, you think: “I wonder if I should go?” Or there comes a point when all you want is to travel freely, see new places, meet new people, get lost on streets you’ve never seen before, taste exotic flavors? If yes, then hearing the stories of those who left may inspire you and help you make some decisions. Here are the best stroller YouTube channels:

If not, we will return.

A YouTube channel where an excited, dynamic, sympathetic couple talks about their sudden decision to embark on a new life: If not, we will return.. “We bought a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, we are trying something and recording. If not, we return.” and they keep sharing their adventures for over 1 year now. They go to Latin America after Buenos Aires, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, meet different people and share everything they have experienced with their followers. They explain in detail what problems they encountered when entering different countries, how much they spent on the road, what beauty and living conditions are in the places they visited. If you’re looking for inspiration to start a new life in a completely different country, or if you’re saying “what could happen to me”, you can find the answers on this YouTube channel.


All answers from A to Z, whatever you think about Canada, elk You can find it on the YouTube channel. Canada Deer includes two close friends who settled in Canada many years ago, share their experience, knowledge and fun moments, host different guests and have pleasant conversations. From Canada’s market prices to Toronto’s blizzards, from the country’s healthcare system to the military process, from Canada’s job search to their culture shock.”go or stay‘ they give exhaustive answers to the question. If you have a lot of unanswered questions about whether you are planning to settle, visit or study in Canada, Elk may have the answers.

Varuna the Traveler

The YouTube channel where a math teacher sets off to realize his dream inspires many young people on this path and leaves no room in the world; Varuna the Traveler. Varuna Gezgin is also a chain of cafes and has many branches in different cities of Turkey. You can learn about every country you dream of at Varuna Gezgin, which has traveled all 197 countries and is known as the “school of travel culture”. How to get a visa to which country, which country gives the easiest work visa, which country does not give tourist visas to Turks, which country can be the most dangerous country in the world, which country is very poor, which country is very rich. .. Whatever you are interested in unique countries in different parts of the world, the information you are looking for can be found in Varuna Seyahat.

Mert Ozturk

New Zealand, Tonga, Taiwan, Phuket, Singapore… Are you interested in exotic and unusual places? How does Iran approach issues of gender equality, what is happening on the streets of Morocco? He draws attention with his promotions on his Instagram account, as well as on his YouTube channel. Mert Ozturk, travels the world, works different jobs while traveling, earns money, listens to people’s stories, shares alternative lifestyles, and honestly talks about his experience of being on the road, good-bad-amazing. If you have an itinerant, adventurous spirit, if you want to travel more and explore the world, Mert Ozturk’s videos might inspire you.

Traveler without a route

How about exploring different countries and seeing the life of the Amazons through the eyes of a photographer traveling the world? Traveler without a routeis a mobile YouTube channel run by Mehmet Genc. From Balinese cuisine to shamanistic rituals, from bewitching Mexico to ethnic Kazakhstan, it all reflects the pulse of different cultures and lifestyles. To learn more, find the courage to go on a journey, or simply listen to the adventures of travelers, you can follow Rotasız Traveler. In addition, you can find travel notes not only about foreign countries, but also about the most beautiful places in our country.

In pursuit of a dream

A YouTube channel where the travel lover records his travel adventures, shares his impressions and talks about the memories he has collected around the world; Chasing a dream. You may know this channel from its blog page. What to do in a day, caravan life, the cheapest country in Europe and much more can be found on this channel, where a traveler who loves to travel since childhood goes with a backpack and makes completely new discoveries around the world. .

Bonus: from city life to country life.

I don’t travel to the regions where I was born and grew up, where I am familiar with people, history, texture and smell, but the big city is also tired… If you think so, perhaps you are dreaming of a greener life, intertwined with nature, away from the crowds and noise. Or have you already heard about the experience of your friends who got tired of city life and settled in the countryside… Well, how can we be, can I live in the village, how can I move If you have questions like this from time to time, we can suggest two accounts where you can find answers: @fuldendarama and @aykanhurma. The communication of a sympathetic couple who share many topics from their departure to the village to settle in the village, how they stoked the stove in the village house, what they plant in their garden to make compost, can spark green love in you, let’s just say…

Sometimes it’s hard to leave and stay… Maybe one has to live without being attached to a place, without fully belonging, as the poet says, “complicity”…

For example, you won’t have many things in your house.
You can go head over heels.
If you need to own something,
You will own the places where the roofs meet the sky.
You will rule the sky
Sun, moon, stars…
For example, your star would be the north star.
“It is mine.” You say.
If you want something to be yours…
For example, the rainbow will be yours.
If it doesn’t necessarily belong to something, you belong to the color.
For example, orange or pink.
Or you will belong to the sky.
You will live without having too much, without having too much.
And as if slipping out of your hands at any moment,
And life will always be yours.
You will live in a relationship. Holding it by the end…

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