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Imagine a world with gender equality… Deprived of gender roles, stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination; egalitarian, inclusive, does not distinguish between men and women, takes into account differences, offers the same rights and opportunities for both sexes; A world where all geography is saturated with gender equality, from east to west, from north to south, where every girl has access to education, every woman stands on her own two feet, and every mother has financial freedom! Doesn’t even the thought of it make us move?

While great strides have been made from the past to the present, there are still women who fail to make their voices heard in underdeveloped societies in many parts of the world regarding gender equality. Just like in developed countries there are women who cannot speak, who are oppressed and whose power is ignored … But whatever the current conditions are, women have a lot to learn from women! Sometimes from a cartoon character, sometimes from a completely fictional character, sometimes from a world-famous comedy…

From the life stories of women who have managed to stand on their own feet by challenging gender roles and societal expectations, from the courage to demonstrate the power of women in a male-dominated society, to the importance of solidarity between women and women. social issues that have been touched on from a somewhat sarcastic, somewhat feminist, somewhat sensitive, but certainly realistic point of view, are different, we have collected the best productions for you. Inspiring productions that every woman should watch at least once can be found in the continuation of our article.

Queen’s Gambit

King’s Gambit follows the life of a young chess prodigy who runs from competition to competition and manages to make his name known to the world when women weren’t even allowed to speak. The fact is that Alice, who lived in the 1950s, grew up in an orphanage without love, carelessness and having many self-destructive habits, managed to get out of the swamp and reach for the stars using her bright intellect, taking part in tournaments full of men, like the only successful woman is undoubtedly a great source of inspiration.

Working moms

“I make children and a career!” One of the popular Netflix series that best explains the saying and inspires all women and especially mothers: Workin’ Moms. The inspiring life of women who do not give up their dreams, identity and career despite problems at home, responsibility and difficulties in having a child, lack of time, insomnia and many other problems are definitely one of the best examples of female power. .

Gilmore girls

Gillmore Girls, telling the story of a mother and her young daughter who managed to get back on their feet, makes us smile while watching, warms our hearts, but most of all makes us feel the strength of a woman in every episode. a show that every woman should watch. Despite the wealthy and powerful position of her family, this series, which tells how a successful woman who goes to her dream and raises a child alone, and not her parents, overcomes everything with her strong love, and does everything so that her daughter can before her get. own dreams should definitely be on your watch list.

Chelsea Handler Revolution

You may have seen the show by successful comedian Chelsea Handler, who has already become the idol of many women around the world, on Netflix, but if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you can add Revolution to your list. . Touching on many different topics, from her experience of dating men to her views on children, from pride in the decisions she made from the life she lived according to her own definitions, standing on her own feet, Handler continues her show. as if chatting with a close friend. Even though her biting tongue and edgy feminist stance gets arrows at her from time to time, she doesn’t give up her stance.

Big little lies

Legendary award-nominated series with a legendary cast; “Big Little Lies”: based on the bestselling book of the same name by Australian author Liane Moriary; An HBO series that tells the powerful story of three women who look like they’re living a great life on the outside but have a lot of pain on the inside. In a series that successfully constructs the problems that underlie ideal relationships through women, you witness female power many times, watching in amazement at what women have endured and overcome.

Gracie and Frankie

Another popular Netflix production that successfully captures the power of a woman; Gracie and Frankie. While you see that age is just a number in every episode of the show, and that “too late to do anything” doesn’t really mean anything, you also witness the two women’s firm stance, who always support each other.

One day at a time

“One Day at a Time” explores the veteran stance of a single mother with two children, sometimes laughing and sometimes sad. It is impossible not to appreciate the efforts of a successful mother in this series, which shows the struggles of a single mother, the struggle of a mother to survive with her children, and how hard it is to combine all types of work to balance the house. and work.

sweet magnolias

About the friendship of three women as they try to balance everything and live their lives dealing with complicated love relationships, endless family drama, career challenges and childhood responsibilities, Sweet Magnolias becomes an inspiration when the women successfully stand on their own two feet. .

Period. End of offer.

A documentary every woman should watch: Period. End of offer. This Oscar-winning short documentary about India’s feminist revolution managed to draw attention to the still-taboo period of menstruation. Women living in rural India manage to announce their struggle for financial independence to the world by designing a new car and producing inexpensive sanitary napkins.

Amy Schumer

This time we are seeing Amy Schumer, a successful actress, mistress of millions with her funny and sweet character, not in a movie, but in her own stand-up show. Don’t miss Schumer’s “Grow Up” show, which deals with marriage, pregnancy, personal development, femininity, gender social expectations, stereotyped sexist stereotypes, and more, with occasional scathing criticism and sometimes with a sharply funny attitude.

Moana (2016)

Yes Moana! Don’t miss the animation, the lovable character Moana, considered one of Disney’s most feminist works, manages to show that women don’t need a prince to save themselves. Carrying on her journey not with fairy tale romance, but with the support of successful and strong female role models, Moana inspires women of all ages with her strong stance.

Thelma and Louise

In addition to being a great adventure movie, it is one of the popular Amazon Prime content that successfully showcases the endless support for each other by two women: Thelma and Luzi. Undoubtedly, there is a lot to learn from these two strong women in the film, in places with a sharp feminist accent, in places with witty dialogue, impressive locations and laughable scenes.

amazing woman

Get ready to say goodbye to all sexist notions of “superheroes”. Who said superheroes have to be men! Considered one of the best feminist action films, Wonder Woman says goodbye to all the typical gender roles society expects with its compelling storyline and unique show of power.

You tooevery woman should watch this‘, you can share with us in the comments and help women remember the sources they should be inspired by.

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