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Practices that support healthy lifestyles and holistic well-being have taken on a lot of importance, especially since the pandemic entered our lives and the wellness sector has begun to boom around the world. Wakefield ResearchAccording to the report. While many advocates of healthy lifestyles, from wearable technology devices that track data such as heart rate and blood pressure, to versatile nutritional supplements in various forms, are taking their place in our lives, investor focus on these areas has paved the way. for significant sector growth. While we already have a wide range of wellness services and products at our disposal, worldwide research, survey results and expert opinions indicate that there are many sectors that will grow again in 2023, inspired by wellness trends. global health instituteThis global market is expected to reach $7 trillion by 2025 and industries focused on personal care products are expected to grow. Here are the industries expected to grow in 2023:

Remote Fitness: Online Tools That Support Holistic Health

When many people started prioritizing their health during the pandemic, they were looking for ways to add physical movement to their daily routine, and online courses, digital platforms, mobile apps bombarded the fitness world. After the Covid period, although people began to return to the gyms and reactivate their membership, fitness in the digital world continued to exist. While still offering flexibility, ease of access, and saving time and money, these apps are the choice of many health-conscious people.

On the other hand, world famous and over 1 million subscribers Melissa Wood-Tepperberg The increase in interaction among influencers who produce content focused on movement, such as fitness, is interpreted as another indicator of how interested people are in the concept of remote fitness. Sports and Fitness Industry AssociationAccording to the report, people are showing more interest in holistic practices such as yoga and walking that improve their mental and physical health at the same time. This brings to the fore exercise options that provide a mind-body connection. Based on all this, online apps that encourage physical activity and support holistic health are expected to continue to evolve in 2023.

Women’s Health Initiatives: Menopause Products and Services

The emergence of many menopause-focused brands around the world in recent years has been interpreted as a harbinger of new initiatives. As 1 billion people are expected to enter menopause in 2025, we intend to introduce many more new menopause-focused products, according to Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL Strategic Retail. From the development of mobile menopause education programs to an increase in supplements to help alleviate negative menopausal symptoms, it is anticipated that menopause solutions will become widespread. With the health sector likely to start investing in this area and increase the number of products and services to support women through menopause, it is possible that major companies will take menopause initiatives in 2023.

Fast Health Boosters: Supplements with Practical Uses

Most of us are aware of the increasing use of dietary supplements in recent years. Amid the pandemic, we may also see an increase in the use of vitamins and minerals that support holistic health, starting with our own daily routines. Vitamins C and D, collagen supplements, effervescent tablets, supportive fluids added to water, and more are included in many of our daily routines thanks to their easy-to-use and effective forms. Collagen gummies, powdered vitamins, lozenge supplements, powdered probiotics, and more are especially popular with younger consumers who want to stay healthy on the go. This year, the number of chewing gums that support the transition to sleep, multivitamins in easy-to-use forms, practical products that improve hair and skin care, and many supplements that offer smart, effective and quick solutions are expected to gradually increase this year.

Wellness Practices: Comprehensive Care Services

According to Wendy Liebmann, there are a number of technologies and services that we will see in the coming days as people continue to explore all the ways to be healthy. Claiming that various medical and nursing services will spread from shopping malls to every street, Liebmann says that even a new quick service bar can be opened on every corner. Investment in these areas is expected to increase as ice baths, HydraFacial centers, or medical facilities offering fertility treatments expand. It is planned that world-famous large investors will focus on health and care-oriented services and invest more in these areas.

Smart assistants: wearable technology products

Smart bracelets, very smart watches and even digital rings… Wearable devices continue to keep abreast of not only the world of technology, but also the huge health industry. Smart devices that track all health data in the human body, such as step counting, heart rate tracking, blood pressure and blood oxygen, are expected to respond to more needs and continue to evolve at top speed. modern, stylish and technological condition. Moreover, they say that investments in this area will increase significantly. According to Grand View Research, this global market should reach approximately $200 billion by 2030.

Timeless Healing: Traditional Healing Tools

While developments in holistic health continue to evolve, conventional therapies never go out of style. Herbal teas, special medicines, healing practices and more from mothers and grandmothers always continue to be in force. Growth in sectors is expected this year, Liebmann said, which includes supplements inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practices, herbal treatments, detoxifying oils, and more.

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