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As the New Year approaches, we are all excited. Maybe the reason for this excitement; New Year’s enthusiasm that keeps us all warm despite the cold weather… Lights, decorated Christmas trees, colorful objects, sparkling touches… The only way to experience the New Year’s atmosphere in your home is not to buy a Christmas tree and decorate it. With a little creativity, you can complete your Christmas decoration with lots of plants in your home; in addition, you can create an eco-friendly Christmas decoration. Here are some plants and eco-friendly decorations you can use instead of artificial pines on New Year’s Eve:

1. Plants with red flowers will suit you

Don’t you think that the color of the Christmas decoration is red? You can capture the Christmas vibe with red flowering plants instead of pine trees in your home. Plants with large red leaves, such as poinsettia, Christmas flower, or poinsettia, are great options. And kokina, whose branches can be decorated with light decorations, can bring a minimalist Christmas atmosphere to the house. If you think that the unique harmony of red and green is part of the New Year’s atmosphere, and if you prefer plants with red leaves, then you can use shades of green in the decor.

2. Gather your little plants together

Instead of a Christmas tree, it is not necessary to decorate large plants. You can create a very pleasant atmosphere by bringing together small plants in your home. You can bring a Christmas vibe to your home by arranging the flowers in small pots side by side, or perhaps aligning them in a triangle to create a pine tree look on the stairs. You can complement your design with colorful lights, glittery ornaments, and Christmas-themed decorative items that you run through your pots and collect whatever they like.

3. How about real pine?

You can also use real pine wood instead of artificial. You can create a wonderful New Year’s atmosphere by decorating a small pine seedling in a pot. If you are lucky and live in a house with a garden, you can also decorate the pine trees in your garden. You can cover the pine trees with decorative lighting that runs on batteries or sunlight and hang your Christmas decorations on it. However, due to the cold weather, it is worth remembering that if you are going to decorate a pine tree in an open area, the items you will use should be slightly heavier and stronger so as not to be affected by wind and rain. Plus, you can make your neighbors smile. 🙂

4. Carefully Decorate Sparkling Cacti

Flowering or not, very prickly, few thorns, slender long, plump short, it doesn’t matter. How about having cacti, favored as houseplants in most homes because they require little maintenance, for New Year’s Eve with a siesta spirit coming from home? With a few ribbon and light embellishments, you can create a wonderful Christmas decoration from your cacti at home. Remember to take extra care when putting on and taking off your jewelry so that the spikes don’t prick your hands. If you wish, you can protect your work by using a glove.

5. Use tree branches

If there are dried, fallen tree branches around you, you can consider them as decor items in your home. For example, you can create an authentic and enthusiastic atmosphere by placing tree branches around a mirror, window, or door in your home. Dry branches can be wrapped with multi-colored threads, decorated with ribbons, equipped with light bulbs. If desired, you can collect more than one dry branch and tie them together like a Christmas tree. You can be sure that your creative ideas will be admired.

6. Get in the Christmas spirit with a pot of rosemary

Rosemary is a plant that resembles a pine tree with its spiky leaves. With this plant, you can work wonders not only in your kitchen, but also in other areas of your home. How? With a little sparkle, of course. You can hang small Christmas decorations on a rosemary in a pot and surround it with lights. If you’re not sure if you can carry the decorations or not, you can simply hang New Year’s wishes written on small colored pieces of paper on the rosemary using string. Remember, all that matters is how it comes from within you.

7. Bring joy to pineapples

Yes, pineapples. 🙂 Another option that can be used both as a New Year’s decoration and for cute conversations after slicing and eating on New Year’s Eve. Before cutting open the outer shell of the pineapple, you can create a style that will make everyone jealous by attaching tiny decorations to the spikes on the head.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Tips

New Year’s excitement depends on your mood. If you want to feel the excitement of Christmas at home, just use your own creativity. You can create a Christmas decoration from a piece of dry branch, potted plants, or any other item. In order to end the year with a positive mood and start the new year with excitement, it is enough to add small touches to your surroundings and look through rose-colored glasses.

Pay attention to cinnamon sticks and citrus fruits: You don’t have to use pre-made Christmas toys to decorate alternative Christmas trees. You have many options to suit both nature and budget. You can create fragrant and colorful decorations by drying lemon or orange slices. You can decorate your home with dried citrus fruits that you tie with braided rope. You can also use cinnamon sticks for the same purpose. Whether you decorate your plants or around candles with cinnamon sticks, you can welcome wonderful scents into your home.

Use origami: We believe that our homes have a lot of waste paper, waste or used forms and documents that are no longer needed. A great way to both appreciate these papers and bring Christmas cheer to your home, the art of paper folding is origami. By folding used paper, you can create stars, circles, and even pine-like shapes. Unleash your creativity and get inspired by your kids if you like; You’ll see, wonderful paper decorations will appear!

candle jars: There is no better opportunity than Christmas to appreciate your empty jars! You can bring the spirit of Christmas to your tables by placing small candles in glass jars. You can also place it around the edges of windows to give warmth throughout. If you wish, you can also show your creativity by decorating the jars and wrapping them with multi-colored threads.

Assemble the cones: As well as being a great outdoor activity, this is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly type of Christmas decoration: cones. Whether you are alone or with loved ones, you can collect fallen dry cones that you come across while walking in the fresh air in a nearby forest area and include them in your decoration. Whole or piece by piece, you can use it to decorate your candle holders, frames, tables or flower pots, and you can bring the spirit of the new year into your home in the most natural way.

Change gift wrap: New Year’s gifts are undoubtedly one of the most pleasant little things of the new year … But, unfortunately, these multi-colored plastic bags are not at all eco-friendly. You can prepare your gifts with an understanding that respects nature. Instead of ready-made gift wrappings, you can make creative packaging from waste paper or paper, and enrich your decoration by collecting all the gifts in one place.

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