In a world that is left to no one, can you be yourself?


Is there any other depth, understanding, besides joy?
Is there a higher order than joy?
What could be more sublime than a smile that cannot be imitated, cannot be repeated, one of a kind, one of a kind?

It is a pain?
Heavy, dull feelings?

While life is a state of glory and in every way honorable, it is not depth, but the habit and persistence of thinking that it is virtue to burn with pain, and not to roast in the virtues you think of. The opposite of life is the state of death.
However, life flows, exudes, celebrates and reveals its existence in an unstoppable way “despite” everything and every situation.

Beings in captivity of states, news from life, they live in love, carried away by their state. However, this “love” is different from true love. This is the love you have only for yourself, and make it your god. Puttur. This is Riyadh.
Next is the dream…

Life is alive.
He does not depend on states, he is the one who passes states through himself.
Its root is not in the earth, but in itself.

Are you life or faith?
Make your choice!
Since the old covenant is closed, the new one stands before it…
If you can read, if you can read because you can’t, she waits, opening all her pages before you…
The first team arrives;

History repeats itself. Will you keep repeating or will you choose your life, life, new, once you’re stuck in this repetition?
In a world that is left to no one, can you be yourself?

Come on, cheer up no matter what. Even if it hurts, on the one hand, smile on your face. You know that everything is temporary. But life, but the soul … is eternal!
Do not be sad. Cheer up and get involved in life. Cheer up, be yourself, cheer up so you can own it!

It used to be, crying, getting lost in the halls.
There is no place for them in the new agreement. Not inciting pain and not eclipsing the ardor of love.
There is medicine, there is will, there is power, there is love, there is love, there is enthusiasm, there is unity.
Do you understand the difference?

Drop everything that you are used to learning, everything to which you give all your knowledge …
Let go of all your possessions.
You are someone else now. Even if not, you have to be… Somehow.
Because age is our age, not yours!

Hello from heaven to earth
Hello from earth to heaven

There is no more earth or sky.
A wide smile to those who broke up, if it’s time to say goodbye ..

In this world where language is slowly being erased, in this world where differences are one, only he who can add his brilliance to another and remain at eye level can crown his existence.
And while all this is happening, the earth will split, states will collapse, beliefs will end, the known will become sand, the unknown will become diamonds.
You are ready?
The sun is rising.

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