Hybrid solar eclipse on April 20 and its aftermath


A solar eclipse that will occur on April 20, 2023 at 29° Aries. What makes this eclipse so important is, of course, because it is a hybrid solar eclipse and it occurs at 29°.

First of all, I think the logic behind solar or lunar eclipses and why they are so important is not well understood. Solar eclipses are very important celestial phenomena. The sun, our source of life in the sky, is blocked by the moon, and its energy stops. In other words, the longer the eclipse lasts, the longer life energy is cut off, not enough energy enters the world, and efficiency decreases when energy does not flow. When the Moon moves away from the Sun and the eclipse ends, the energy blocked there suddenly spreads throughout the world. The world source of life first stops, and then suddenly it is exposed to a great energy. It causes both social and natural phenomena in the world. Solar eclipses are of crucial importance and have a decisive influence on human civilization.

The solar eclipse that we will see on April 20 is a hybrid solar eclipse. Hybrid solar eclipses are very rare, occurring about once every 10 years. Rare dangerous eclipses. We call these three-beam eclipses. In some parts of the world it is observed as an annular eclipse, in some as a partial eclipse, and in others as a total solar eclipse.

Hybrid eclipses are associated with wars. He brings war, he turns people against each other. Even between animals there can be conflicts. This is a dangerous type of eclipse that causes conflicts. It causes people to do the wrong things with the wrong impulses. The collapse of great civilizations in history and the death of great rulers occurred after these eclipses.

The last time we had a hybrid solar eclipse was in 2013. When we look at 2013, we see that it was one of those years when important events took place all over the world. In our country, events took place that marked such a period as the events in Gezi and the events in Reyhanli …

Another factor that makes the April 20th hybrid eclipse important is that it will be in both Aries and 29°. 29° is the last degree of the sign. This is a crisis, this is the end of something and the beginning of something new. This start will not be easy. This happens during crises, during great transformations. Aries is ruled by Mars and is the first sign of the zodiac. It symbolizes a structure that is impulsive and struggles with its impulses. Soldier, police, fire, fire, war – it’s all about Aries and Mars. The fact that the ruler of the eclipse that brings conflict is Mars, the planet of war, further enhances the effect …

2023 is a very important year, it would not be wrong to say that we are moving towards a new world order with major planetary transits and hybrid eclipses. However, the transition paths to this new system will first pass through crises. These crises are fateful. These crises must be experienced in order to completely close the past and nothing can come out of it, while starting a new one.

Together we will watch this “Last waltz of tyrants” …

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