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How to simplify your wardrobe – Aplifers


Spring is here and the cleanup has begun! With the dust, dirt and effects of winter eliminated, it’s time to say goodbye to winter. Coats, sweaters, boots, boots have already taken their places on the top shelves, in vacuum bags or under the bottom of the bed … As a result, it is possible to rethink wardrobes in depth and create an easy, clean, simple and useful selection of clothing accessories by removing those that need to be eliminated. . ! Both of us ‘What should I wear todayWe wanted to introduce you to the theme of “closet cleaning” which is full of tips that will save you the hassle and help you simplify your wardrobe and get ready for spring and next summer. But if you still haven’t taken off your winter coats because you can’t trust the tide of weather, if you like, first How to store winter clothes? You can do two jobs at the same time by viewing our article. Let’s go, how to simplify your wardrobe to answer the question…

What to take from the wardrobe

yourself often “I have nothing to wear…” If you find yourself thinking, but your closet is so crowded that its doors almost never close, the first thing you need to do is simplify by removing clothes that you don’t wear, that you don’t like, that don’t fit your body, and accessories you don’t use. So where do you start deleting? or if you can’t decide which shapes to eliminate, here’s a list to inspire you:

  • Evening dresses that you only wore once and most likely will never wear again
  • Shoes that you really like but aren’t ideal for your feet or that you can’t walk comfortably in.
  • Clothes that don’t fit you, are tight or loose
  • Clothes that make you feel bad for any reason
  • Your ex’s clothes
  • Clothes you keep for your future children
  • Items that should be dry-cleaned but not dry-cleaned
  • Things that should go to a tailor but never go to a tailor
  • Clothes that are not yours, borrowed or forgotten by you
  • Clothes that others have bought for you but that you don’t like to wear
  • Things that leave traces, shed, peel off, threads are broken, they are uncomfortable to wear
  • Clothing that you keep just because it’s expensive, but that you no longer wear or that you don’t like
  • Clothes with permanent stains
  • Bags you don’t use or can’t match with any outfit
  • Anything you keep just to wear on vacation, travel, or anywhere else, but not where you live.
  • Stylish but skin-irritating clothing
  • Things that do not match your lifestyle, style, personality
  • You buy t-shirts in all colors, even if you always wear black
  • Anything you haven’t worn in over 3 years
  • Clothes still on the tag
  • Things you’ll feel guilty about when you pull them out of your closet (with them the feeling of guilt will also disappear …)

In short, it’s time to say goodbye to everything that doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t bring you pleasure inside, doesn’t fit you, doesn’t wear, but still keeps it there “for some reason”!

Closet cleaning

You may think the list is easy to read but hard to implement, but don’t worry, these 4 questions will help you make decisions faster and more clearly:

  • Would I buy this outfit today?
  • Does this item suit my body and my current lifestyle?
  • Am I holding this because I feel bad or guilty?
  • Will I ever wear this outfit?

If your answer is yes, keep it, if not, take it out of your wardrobe because it shouldn’t take up space and confuse you every time!

Don’t be afraid to leave space in your closet. Yes, it may seem strange at first, but when you can get dressed in the morning without stress or struggle, you will begin to reap the benefits of having less. After all ‘less – more’…

To make your job even easier, you can also follow these steps:

  1. Take off all your clothes: Empty the entire wardrobe, put all the clothes aside and clean the inside, shelves, drawers first.
  2. See all your outfits: Examine your clothes one by one, picking them up and ‘should he stay or go’decide. Set aside those to stay and those to go.

If you wish, you can facilitate the sorting process by using different baskets or boxes; for example, they will stay, donate, sell or recycle.

  1. Organize the rest of the clothes: Fold the clothes you decide to keep or hang them on hangers. Sort them into different places by color and purpose (work, casual, sports, etc.) so you can make better use of your closet and save time looking for clothes.
  2. Personalize: The most fun and final stage! We add a little color, aroma, style. Yes, you can place lavender sachets in your wardrobe, add thin, curly, stylish mirrors to their lids, or you can put various organizers inside for your jewelry and socks. You can also add your own style if you wish.

By following all these steps, you will be able to create your own wardrobe that will make you feel better every time you open it and take the stress out of choosing clothes.

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