How to make your home decoration earthquake-proof? Make your home safe


aforementioned earthquake when only durability of buildings No interior details We also need to consider. Certainly a priority construction of earthquake-resistant buildings and, if possible, live in such buildings. But we know that if you don’t own the home you live in, upgrading your building often depends on the initiative of the homeowner. This actually means that in case of a possible earthquake, you have no idea about your safety. Especially for those who live in big cities like Istanbul, this is mostly the case. That is why we must try to take matters into our own hands.

How to make your home decoration earthquake-proof?

How would you like to start with making your home decoration earthquake resistant?

1. Fix all wall decor with strong brackets.

Bookshelves, wall-mounted TV, tables… All these parts of your walls will be seriously damaged in a possible earthquake. risk of slipping and tipping over is facing. So, if you want to be protected from possible harm, you can use all your wall decor. fasten with strong staples this might be a good idea. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, wall brackets are designed to support the items you decide to hang on your walls so they can support the weight.

2. Place objects strategically

Living in an earthquake zone doesn’t mean you can’t have a large shelf or bookshelf. Only how to place your things a little about be strategic must. For example, a poorly assembled bookcase can break in a possible earthquake, and all your things can fall with it. To minimize damage heavy objectsyour shelf to the bottom place it. That way, even if your bookshelf breaks, the bulky speaker won’t break the vase.

if you are at home built-in storage rooms if you use wonderful. Keep doing it and get your stuff fixing paste protect with. fixing pastes, fragile items Adhesive materials that hold them in place. What’s more, when you want to change the location of any item you’ve placed on it, they also allow you to remove it and use it again.

3. Install the latch on the cabinet door.

cabinetsThey may seem like safe places to store our belongings, but in the event of a possible earthquake, the doors will open and everyone dishes fall to the ground They cannot guarantee that they will not allow it. Therefore, it may be useful to slightly increase their security. If you want to feel comfortable, especially when you are not at home, you can use cabinet doors. latch lock guard consider doing this. Latches-latches ensure that the doors remain closed in any situation.

4. Cover the windows with protective film.

broken windowsThis not only harms living quarters, but can also lead to serious injury in the event of a possible natural disaster. Right at this moment protective window film Activated. Security or protective window film cannot prevent your windows from breaking, but in the event of a possible earthquake breaking into small pieces can prevent their spread to the environment. This type of glass is also against theft makes your home safer.

5. For lighting, choose chandeliers that can be mounted to the ceiling

To hanging chandeliers you can faint, but such lighting to serious injury they can call. Instead, how about choosing safe and stylish lighting? The secret is fasten the chandelier securely to the ceiling. so you can fix. This ensures that your light stays in place when your house starts to shake.

6. Attach to the wall all objects that can tip over, such as bookshelves, cabinets, etc.

While this sounds like a very simple precaution, it can save lives in the event of an earthquake. Moreover, when you consider whether most of us underestimate this indicator or not, the question becomes even more important. Look around your living space and bookcase, chest of drawers, wardrobe standing against the wall and prone to capsizing all items found intact fix on the wall. In this way, you will minimize the possibility of injury from scattered and broken objects.

7. Attach large electronic devices to a wall or table with tethers.

Computer, TV large electronic devices such as safety ropes or straps using it on your walls – your table can you fix. This will prevent it from falling on you in case of a possible push or breaking and spreading of its parts.

8. Make sure heavy items such as chairs and beds are strong and durable.

With a possible earthquake durable seat or base next to you crash-jerk-hold on We all know that getting a position is vital. This furniture gives us life triangle so they don’t break made of durable materials they should be. So make sure the durability of such items in your home.

Other Domestic Measures You Can Take Against Earthquakes

All of the above measures are aimed at protecting you as much as possible from a possible earthquake when decorating your home. In addition to these precautions, you can also consider the following earthquake preparation tips:

  • When you go to bed at night, keep your cell phone nearby and fully charged.
  • Do not stand under beams, in stairwells, in elevators and hallways during an earthquake, experts warn.
  • If an earthquake takes you by surprise, gently roll over onto your bed (on a firm and high base) and assume a collapse-trail-hold position.
  • If possible, take pillows, blankets, blankets from your bed and protect yourself while you close.
  • Position the bed so that the headboard is not next to the window.
  • Make it a habit to keep a whistle, a headlamp, and a water bottle near your bed.
  • Do not leave the place where you are until the shaking is completely gone.
  • Keep the earthquake kit in an easily accessible place.
  • Rehearse ahead of time what you will do during a possible earthquake and share your emergency plan with the people you live with, if any.
  • If possible, during an earthquake, position yourself closer to the outside of your building, but away from windows (and, of course, near objects that will create a life triangle for you).
  • Do not touch electrical switches.

Recommendations of the author souksözlük, who was under the rubble for 14 hours during the earthquake in Kahramanmaras

After the great tribulation we have experienced in the last days, “n3” named glossary author, posted this frightening experience to offer some humble advice. Let’s say a post might be a trigger for some of us. But what he says is so important Prepare your home for an earthquake We wanted to share it with you because we believe you can benefit from it. At work “Things of great importance that he observed during the earthquake”:

  1. Glass doors, bought to be more elegant, reduce the places to hide, the possibility of cutting glass somewhere.
  2. This oxygen does not play a big role in an earthquake, the air flow usually comes from somewhere. The most important factor is the need for fluid.
  3. Neighborhood years is useless (at all).
  4. Having long hair, you experience a lot of pressure and stuffiness during an earthquake.
  5. First 30 minutes – 1 hour just wait because people can’t recover from earthquake shock, screaming requires extra energy and breathing + screaming at regular intervals instead of screaming every second.
  6. If good neighborly relations are good, seat the upper floor plans (very important) and act accordingly.
  7. Since the first floors carry the load of the building, as a result of their complete collapse, there is often no space left and they are the most difficult to save (many times I saw that the first 2-3 floors collapsed, the remaining floors remained intact).
  8. In places like an earthquake with a 3-4-5 risk, you should not invest all your money in real estate (very important, very).
  9. The requirement that the fuel in the vehicle should always be above half a tank (due to lack of fuel).
  10. Car maintenance, air conditioning and its importance.
  11. Car parking outside the building if there are 2 possible parking spaces.
  12. If the earthquake risk is 3-4-5, DASK insurance and auto insurance are a must, no matter what.
  13. The need to always have an emergency plan, additionally the need to put an earthquake bag in an accessible place (we did not buy it because the earthquake bag was elsewhere, we did not even think about it).
  14. Constantly keep the phone charge at a high level (I charge after waking up, there should not be phrases like I have a bad mood).
  15. For devices with an Android operating system, a find device application can be installed and if it is not active, the earthquake warning system must be activated (very important – I don’t know anything about Apple).
  16. If the risk of an earthquake is high, picking up and collecting things at home is always at risk.
  17. The stop is very important in digital investments such as the stock market and cryptocurrency (very important).
  18. If there is no urgency in major destruction, heal in more remote provinces (pretty important).
  19. The need to close credit cards at the first available moment.
  20. In the first hours, use the phone as little as possible, use the phone as little as possible, put it into ultra-saving mode (preferably a phone with a high mAh battery) due to the possibility of not having a line for days and being under rubble for a long time.
  21. Not everyone in the family uses the same GSM line, using different service providers.

We wish him a speedy recovery and thank you for sharing your experience…

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