How to make a to-do list before death?


Maybe climb the Great Wall of China, maybe go skydiving, maybe go on a rollercoaster ride, maybe go on a blue trip… Even though we have some fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs, no doubt that we all have many things that we “want”. do before we die’! Extreme experiences will make us feel like we’re living life to the fullest, like traveling the world or undertaking an unthinkable undertaking. keep your eyes open We have dreams and goals to avoid. Fine without dying to-do list first are you ready?

We want to do something, to go somewhere, to see new people, to experience emotions that we have never experienced before. Since time is short, unfortunately, our life has an expiration date, so waiting and postponing is useless! Right now, right now, think, write, act: “What do I want?” should answer the question! Put your hopes and dreams in your saddlebag list of things to do in life We are starting to prepare!

Choose the perfect tool for your list

First job; find the right tool! Your to-do list will contain your biggest desires, dreams or aspirations in life, so it will be like a summary of your wishes before you die, so it deserves to be well written down! There shouldn’t be a piece of paper that disappears on your desk or gets lost between the pages of your agenda. Maybe it’s a personal notepad or a digital platform. Do not forget that there must be a place that will not be lost or deleted, that you can open and look at every opportunity, make additions and subtractions, and draw what has been done.

Give your list a custom name

Although its name is called “wish list” since it will be a list including your special goals and dreams, this name should also be special to you. You should think of names that excite, motivate and inspire you. You can find the right list name that suits you best, inspired by my dreams, amazing life experiences, my life goals, the dreams I want to achieve, what I want to do before I die, my life goals and so on. Whatever motivation you need to enjoy life…

Set your time

Making a to-do list before you die is not something you do to write on a piece of paper for 5 minutes. It will contain the things you want to do most in your life; so he should see the value he deserves and take enough time. When you’re really ready, when you can give your full attention and focus, it’s good to sit at your head. Do not cook quickly in a two-in-one stream; When you have enough time to really listen to yourself, you can start writing your list. However, with a little reminder, it’s also better not to delay too long and create an opportunity as soon as possible, because time flies much faster than we realize…

Look for sources of inspiration

It can be difficult to start your to-do list from scratch before you die, so there are a number of resources you can use. You can take a look at the lives of successful and world famous names, listen to their motivational speeches and explore wish list examples. If you wish, you can draw on various sources of inspiration by listening to the ideas of your loved ones and what they want to do in their lives, with the support of your social circle.

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listen to yourself

Creating a wish list is not just about writing down ideas based on other people’s dreams and accomplishments. For some, it may be a dream to climb to the top of a mountain, for others to travel the world, and for others to start a new business. So remember that your list is unique to you and you need to take some time and talk to yourself. You can try asking yourself these questions:

  • Where do you want to see the most?
  • What cultures are you interested in?
  • Is there a sport you would like to play?
  • If you had one month left to live, what would you like to do?
  • What adventures do you dream to share with your children and grandchildren?

With these and similar questions, you can conduct a kind of inner interview with yourself, find answers to your inner questions and discover step by step what you want to do most before you die.

Segment your life

Listing everything you want to do in one sitting and get to work can be overwhelming in today’s busy and hectic agenda. This way you can take advantage of different time zones. For example, you can format your list by dividing your life into sections, such as what I want to do before 30, what I want to do before 50, what I want to do before I have a baby, what I want to do before I move, etc.

Divide your list into different topics

Just like splitting into time zones, you can make your list more practical by separating it into different topics. For example, by making various distinctions such as the places I want to visit, the sports I want to try, the events I want to experience, and the cuisines of the world I want to try, you can create a more organized list and decide what you want to prioritize. . In this way, you can create an extra space of comfort and convenience when compiling and applying your list.

be flexible

Life moves quickly, circumstances change, our environment changes, our thoughts and beliefs change, in short, we change… Our desires, goals and dreams cannot remain constant. So give yourself flexibility and remember that your list can change over time.


And here’s the real step: hit the road! Once you have made your list, you are ready to start and realize your dreams. In the short term, you can start with the subject closest to you. Remember that the main purpose of creating a wish list is to live life to the fullest.

If you want to stop postponing your life, you can go to your dream as soon as possible.

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