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How to clean makeup? – Aplifers


The makeup materials we use are powerful and fun tools that help us reflect our style and unleash our creativity! However, we often neglect cleaning cosmetics. However, regular cleaning of beauty products is important not only for hygienic use, but also for healthier skin and more effective makeup results. So, how do we clean cosmetics? Here are the details…

How to clean makeup brushes?

Headlight brushes, blush brushes, fine-tipped brushes that you use to apply your eyeliner… How often do you clean your brushes? To protect your skin and eye health, and ensure the beautiful colors you apply, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of your brushes. Here are tips for cleaning makeup brushes:

  • Prepare warm water, baby shampoo, or a special brush cleaning solution.
  • Lightly dampen the brushes, but be careful not to get water on the roots. Otherwise, the brush handles may become loose.
  • Take the shampoo or cleaning solution in the palm of your hand or in a small bowl and start lathering the brush.
  • Then very gently rub the brush in a circular motion in the palm of your hand and rinse under running water.
  • Lay out a clean towel and place your washed brushes on it.
  • Do not reuse brushes until they are completely dry. Bacteria can grow on wet brushes, be careful.

Be sure to wash your makeup brushes once a week to keep them clean and hygienic.

Makeup Cleansing Sponge

Foundation, concealer, contour or liquid blush… Apart from makeup brushes, one of the most commonly used makeup materials are makeup sponges or beauty blenderWith. How long have you had the sponges you use? Have you ever looked inside your lips? If you like, donate one of your oldest sponges, cut it out and look inside. You may be stunned by what you see. Yes! There may be mold on the lips. To prevent this, make-up sponges should be cleaned regularly. Because?

  • Prepare a mixture of special makeup remover or baby shampoo with warm water in a deep bowl.
  • Dip your sponges into the foaming mixture and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then clean the sponges by gently rubbing them with water until you are sure they are clean.
  • Rinse with clean water. If makeup residue is still on the sponge, repeat the process and continue scrubbing until completely clean water comes out of your sponges.
  • Use a slightly clean towel or tissue to remove moisture from the sponges and leave them to dry on the towel.

You can also use silicone sponge covers, which are very popular lately, and keep the sponges from getting dirty.

Eyeshadow palette and lipstick cleaning

In trying to keep your makeup equipment clean, you may neglect to clean your makeup supplies. However, it is very important that the product itself is as pure as what you put on with any makeup product. Let’s start cleaning lipstick and eyeshadow palette:

  • The first step is to purchase a disinfectant in the form of a spray. You can use it for both liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes.
  • First, clean the edges and outer frame of the headlight palette with a disinfectant. You can choose equipment suitable for cleaning thin spots such as cotton or ear pads.
  • Then spray on colored parts, namely the headlights, lightly press them with cotton or a clean cloth and set aside to dry.
  • You can do the same for the parts of liquid lipstick that touch your lips. Spray and clean with disinfectant.
  • For your matte lipsticks or classic lipsticks, this application may not be effective. Because the alcohol in disinfectants can ruin the texture of lipstick.
  • So if your lipsticks are dirty, you can cut them off the top of the lipstick with a clean knife or a fine razor.

In addition to cleaning, do not forget to pay attention to the expiration dates of your cosmetics. Otherwise, you risk getting infected. The shelf life of cosmetics may vary depending on the type and composition of cosmetics, but is usually between 6 and 12 months.

How to clean eyeliners?

You can clean your eyeliners relatively often and easily if you open the ends often… But if you are still concerned about your eye health, you should take care of cleaning your eyeliners and liner. So how do you clean eyeliner?

  • Clean your eyeliner with a cotton swab or clean cloth using a disinfectant spray.
  • Open the tip of the eyeliner with an eyeliner sharpener and get rid of the old point.
  • But here’s another thing to watch out for; so neither your sharpener is clean.
  • With a disinfectant, you can also clean the sharpener or replace the shaving part.

Remember that eyeliners also have an expiration date!

Tweezers, eyebrow scissors, eyelash curlers

Among the products that you use as often as cosmetics may be tweezers, eyebrow scissors and eyelash curlers. These care products, which are usually made of steel and metallic materials, should not be washed with water as this may cause them to rust. It can be easily cleaned with a cotton swab or an alcohol-based disinfectant. If possible, you can apply this process to keep it clean after every use.

Bonus: cosmetic bag.

It is not enough to clean your cosmetics, your cosmetic bag, in which you collect all the care products, should also be clean. You can clean the cosmetic bag at least several times a week, shaking off the remnants inside, you can wipe it inside and out with a clean cloth. If you use a washable bag, you can wash it in soapy water or throw it in the washing machine if you are sure that it will not harm and its shape will not deteriorate.

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