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How the highly anticipated Barbie movie is taking over the world


An entertaining production that took the world by storm, bombed the celebrity world, advertised everywhere we looked, and collaborated well with global giant brands: Barbie. As the release date approaches, every day a new one is added to its promotions, and every day, collaborating with a new brand, the film intends to paint the whole world in pink! Famous actors in leading roles Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken) The movie that welcomes the guests managed to win a very large number of fans even before it was released.

A film about Barbie’s escape from an ideal and fantasy realm to the real world. 21 July Its release is expected, but as we said, everyone has already become a part of this world before its release. So much so that even when you search for Barbie’s name on Google, your screen is covered in pink sparkles and you enter the world of Barbie. If you haven’t seen it yet, try it now and Google’s Pink Barbie Effect go out with

Well, that’s just one, of course. what is googleBarbie’s number is still unknown, but over 100 There are collaborations with many anticipated brands. Even the movie even brands with which it does not officially cooperate She started using the Barbie theme in her products. So there are no restrictions on advertising in the world. Summing up, Barbies are everywhere! Moreover, don’t just think about clothes; they even entered the food and beverage sector like a bombshell.

Collaborations with Barbie

Let’s first take a look at interesting designs and brands that you probably won’t believe they’ve collaborated with. If you’re ready, let’s get started:

Barbie x Airbnb: Have you seen the dream house of Barbie Malibu? This is literally a pink house that Barbie and Ken will live in. Airbnb managed to announce the house using all social media channels. Moreover, the fact that famous names such as John Legend stayed at home added to the excitement of the project.

Barbie x Gap: There’s also a Gap with the Barbie collection for all ages! With t-shirts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, kidswear and more, Barbie adds color to her collections. It is also said that there will be additional collections in the future.

Barbie x Crocs: Are you one of those who love Crocs and prefer them in everyday life? Crocs, a brand preferred by many people, especially in summer, thanks to its comfort and convenience, has managed to grab attention with its pink slippers and badges in keeping with the Barbie theme.

barbie x fossil: The winds of Barbie blow not only in clothes, but also in accessories. The world famous watch and jewelry brand Fossil has managed to attract attention with its Barbie collection. It must be admitted that it is full of watches with the Barbie logo, pink wallets, rings and much more.

Barbie x Cold stone: As we said at the beginning, Cold Stone is introducing its new pink cotton candy ice cream to consumers, inspired by the Barbie that has been a bombshell not only in the fashion world, but also in the food and beverage industry.

Barbie x Burger King: Another collaboration from Burger King. Have you seen Barbie sauce burger? Honestly, a burger with pink sauce. More specifically, a pink milkshake. Yes, some crazy tastes together. Would you like a cheeseburger served with a pink vanilla milkshake?

Barbie x NYX: And some make-up… Offering a collection that carries the spirit of Barbie, from eyeshadow palette to lipstick, from makeup brushes to mirrors, NYX grabs attention in all its splendor.

Barbie x Uno: Do not say if the Barbie theme is processed on game cards, yes. Working with Uno, Barbie manages to scatter her pink glow with cards.

Barbie x Xbox: Moreover! another name you can use: Xbox. Xbox, one of the world famous game consoles, may be trying to break gender stereotypes in the gaming industry with its pink touches. But the Barbie colors certainly look good on the box!

source: radiotimes

In short, the Barbicore trend is spreading fast. Even before we saw the film, we were all part of the movement in one way or another. Everything that reflects the style and style of Barbie, emphasizes feminine details and is adapted from her “pink world”, is rapidly entering our lives. You can suddenly immerse yourself in the world of Barbie when you choose the next cosmetics or drink a cold drink in a cafe.

Will the Barbiecore trend end?

Source: Guide

The above list is of course getting longer… From Zara to Aldo shoes, from Krispy Kreme to SupergaEvery brand from every industry you can think of can partner with Barbie. Moreover, the list new names will be added also evaluated. Let’s see what happens next after the film’s release… How long will this Barbicore trend last?

“All is well, but was there a need for such cooperation?” There are those who consider the film itself a huge publicity project, and those who find so much “pink” an exaggeration… Of course, seeing Barbie everywhere we look can start to feel uncomfortable after a while, but Barbie advertising agency Obviously, he ignored these concerns.

source: housebeautiful

Being a product that is talked about even before its release and collaborating with global giant brands is a great success. The Barbie advertising agency that made the project public and attracted a lot of attention. effective strategies It must be admitted that this is so. IN many respects inspiration It is also clear that the strategies behind this enviable success need to be explored.

However, on the other hand, such hectic work and endless collaboration deviated the film from its original purpose, commercial purposescould alienate Barbie from her own values. Of course, increasing its popularity reaching a new audience and it is true that he expanded the consumer segment. As a result, no matter how abundant the criticism and praise is, we will see more “pink” in many of the products we touch. Undoubtedly, we will come across the theme of Barbie..

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