How much magical poison attracts you on social media?


We have all accepted the fact that social media is everywhere in our lives. Wherever we go, we carry a vast and colorful world in our pockets and hands. We are so busy that we owe to social networks that we are still talking to many people whom we have not seen for years. We can’t meet, but we follow each other and communicate. Now we do not forget about the special days of our loved ones and can even accompany them. We can access everything from new “trends” to instant news with a single “click”.

When we wake up in the morning, isn’t our phone the first thing we check before getting out of bed? Even on the day when we can meet up with friends we haven’t seen for a long time, we find ourselves somewhere on social networks at the very first moment when the conversation becomes stagnant. Did we go to the movies… Did anyone pick up the phone during the 10 minute break? Are we missing something? Oh, we didn’t fail! Now we can continue the second half of the film in the peace of a smoker who has put out his cigarette. This is exactly what shows that social networks have released their poison into every part of our brain. The brain can lose the difference between love and addiction in continuous activities. For this reason, we do it not because we like to go to Twitter and post another tweet, but because we are addicted to it.

Another interesting aspect is the fascination with the character that the brain transforms on social media. We’re starting to admire the keyboard heroism we’re doing on social media. He expresses more cleverly and boldly all that which we cannot say; we relax, rebelling against the problems of the country, injustice and everything that bothers us, as if in a cosmic vacuum. By receiving likes, we secretly and imperceptibly strengthen our self-confidence and calm our conscience. We think that through the publications we share, we make our voices heard and that we fulfill our civic duty when appropriate. stands on the Instagram logo red heart +1 sounds good to us. We like to be recognized. As we like, we get into a vicious circle where we look forward to each next +1. In fact, we cannot see that social networks are a swamp that we are increasingly drawn into as we use them.

While those of us who are a little more aware of the seriousness of the situation try to update our accounts more often and take our phones less often, this often leads to frustration. He tells our children that they will spend time on the Internet at certain times of the day; up to a certain age, we do not give them phones, maybe we keep them away from the TV. But while we make these rules for them, we continue to do nothing for ourselves. We prefer to take a picture of him and share him, rather than accompany him while playing in the park. We lose “moments” in our real life with the minutes we spend on social media that we think we have caught the moment.

At the American Psychiatric Association convention in New York; Spending more than 6 hours a day on social networks, and this interest lasts more than 6 months, unless the profession requires special training. “social media addiction” considered to be shown. It was found that the brain had lost the ability to distinguish addiction from habit and had the same response as in cases of recreational drug addiction. Now take a look at yourself. Are you addicted too?

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