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Motivation is often seen as the key to success and it is believed that most successful people succeed because they have the motivation to make their dreams come true. However, in reality this is not the case. Motivation is a perishable and extremely unreliable resource. It often comes and goes like the wind. Relying on motivation alone, unfortunately, is not enough to achieve success. Already successful people are based on their constant habits, and not on positive emotions.

What is motivation?

Let’s first agree on what we mean by motivation. Motivation is the force that drives us. Motivation is like a spark that ignites our life force. Without motivation it is very difficult to act.

We can really compare motivation to a fire that burns within us. As with fire, fuel is needed to keep motivation going. If we run out of fuel, our fire will go out. Therefore, it is difficult to continue the work that we started on a whim.

Why not trust motivation?

So why not trust motivation? The answer is actually very simple. Motivation is related to our external circumstances and mood. It is easy to act when our life is going well, when our energy is high and when we are in a good mood. But when life throws us challenges, it’s hard to keep our motivation high. Motivation is difficult to trust, as many of the circumstances that affect our level of motivation are beyond our control.

Stability is stronger than motivation!

If we want to achieve something, we need more than just rely on motivation. Regardless of the conditions, determination, stability and trust in our self-discipline are the main elements that will lead us to success.

We know that life conditions will not always be easy. This is why we must learn to be consistent in order to succeed. Being stable requires a conscious effort to achieve a goal, regardless of our motivational state. If we are consistent, we are more likely to make progress and achieve successful results. The road to success is not to be too impatient, too motivated, or feeling very good. On the path to success, the question is to take a small step towards the goal every day, no matter the circumstances.

How is stability achieved?

The benefits of stability are well known. In fact, there is no big secret in ensuring stability. People who exhibit consistent behavior know that a period of conscious effort pays off.

  1. To be scheduled: Whatever your goal is, determine the steps you need to take to achieve it and plan how often you will complete those steps. If you don’t already have a planner, the Personal Development Agenda, which I designed myself, will suit your needs.
  2. Take responsibility: You are an adult and the only person who will help you achieve your goals. Accept it and make an effort to be responsible as an adult.
  3. Interact with supportive people: You can behave the same way with any people around you. Make sure you surround yourself with supportive and stable people. If this is not possible in your physical environment, try joining such digital clubs and societies. (See AKOA Club)
  4. Be persistent: Stability takes time, patience and perseverance. Sometimes your progress can be very slow. However slow your progress may be, have patience and perseverance to keep moving forward.
  5. Remember why you started It’s normal that you find it difficult to act consistently until you make it a real habit. Sometimes the balance you have set may also be off. At such moments, do not blame yourself and do not lose heart. Being consistent is a normal process that you should practice every day. If one day you lose your balance, pick up where you left off the next day.

Today, the conditions of life and success are very difficult, but being stable is one of the most important criteria that can distinguish you in these conditions. Learn to control yourself and your will. After a while, you will realize that stability has a positive effect on your life and increases your self-confidence.

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