How does morning exercise become a habit?


While you force yourself to wake up in the morning to the annoying sound of an alarm clock, while you sort through your affairs in your mind, thinking about what to wear on your way to work. sport We guess that it is quite difficult to find the necessary motivation for this. Especially if it’s winter… Getting out from under a warm blanket and starting a cold and dark day can turn into a little morning torture. Even so, morning exercise Finding time and energy and creating space can be difficult. train always good for body and mind, but, benefits of morning exercise much more than we think. In addition to watching the sunrise, enjoying the morning coolness and tranquility, morning exercises make it easier to manage even the desire to eat during the day; it controls your appetite. In addition, it reduces stress levels, uplift fashionimproves focus skills, supports the process of losing weight and throughout the day improves efficiency.

Your morning workout it has many advantages. However, for many of us who live in big cities, who stay up late because they get home late at night and have a hard time getting to work in the morning, getting up and exercising in the morning can seem like a distant dream. However, it’s not as difficult as you think to leave the house at 07:00 every morning for half an hour to run, walk or do some other exercise, and then return home and take a shower. Or do a 10-15 minute workout at home with a few simple moves… All you need is set a routine and make morning exercises a habit. Request Ways to get up early in the morning and make it easier to develop the habit of exercising:

be firm

Purposefulness is one of the most important criteria for acquiring a habit. Whatever your goal is to exercise in the morning; lose weight, be healthy, start the day motivated or feel good, it’s important to keep doing it with determination and consistency. By reminding yourself every morning why you chose to exercise, you will be able to continue on your way without deviating from your goal.

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go to bed early

Admit it, even if you haven’t made a promise to yourself to exercise early in the morning, staying up late at night in front of the TV or playing with your phone is not the smartest move. And if you have to go to work the next morning! When you go to bed between 22.30-23.00 in the evening, it will not be difficult for you to get up at 06.30 in the morning.. Trust me, you won’t regret making it a habit.

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set an alarm

Stop napping or relying on the next alarm. Set one alarm. The more often you hit the snooze button, the more you think you’re wasting time exercising. It’s possible that trying to wake up with one alarm at the beginning can cause you to get up late for the first few days; Although you wake up with at least two or three alarms every day, it can be difficult to wake up to the first alarm. However, after a few days, you start to get used to it and wake up as soon as the alarm goes off. If you still find it difficult to get out of bed on an alarm, move your phone or watch a little further away and make sure you put it where you need to get up to turn it off.

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Prepare your sportswear the night before

your sportswear Get ready for the night. This way, when you wake up in the morning, it will be easier for you to get dressed and go out. If possible, prepare your sportswear the night before as soon as you wake up in the morning. put it where you can see it first; This way you can remember to prepare for sports first and you can make morning exercise a habit without interruption.

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catch the sunrise

If possible, try to match your workout time with sunrise. In the morning, you can be inspired by a beautiful view at dawn; especially during the summer months you can catch the coolness of the day. Both reasons can increase your motivation to not miss your morning workout.

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Find time for what you enjoy before you exercise.

If aromatic coffee is what wakes you up in the morning, make time for it. Or, if you want to eat some walnuts, check your email, say hello to the sun, keep up. Thus, you can not only feel ready, but also accumulate the necessary motivation before starting sports.

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Find yourself a fitness buddy

If a friend is training with you, you can get out of bed to keep your promise and not leave the friend alone. In addition, you can meet your friend, whom you could not find the opportunity to meet due to workload, exercise several times a week and catch up. If you wish, you can be sports friends with your mother, father, partner or children who live in the same house. Thus, you can reduce the likelihood of skipping sports in the morning 😊.

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Find the type of exercise you like

Don’t try to stereotype yourself or compare yourself to others. Not everyone needs to be a fast runner or ride a bike. A brisk walk, jumping rope or dancing can be an exciting exercise for you. Once you discover what type of exercise you enjoy, you may find yourself more willing to exercise in the morning.

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As you plan your day, find a place to exercise.

If I wake up early in the morning, I will go in for sports.” Get that thought out of your head. To make morning exercise a habit, you need to make room in your daily routine. When planning your day, allocate a time slot, maybe 15-20 minutes, maybe 1 hour in the morning for sports, and schedule the rest of your work after the time you set aside for morning sports. In this way, you can get out of the whirlpool of “either I do or I don’t”; You can stick to your schedule.

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