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How do you know that you’re in pain? Actually it hurts me Is there a criterion to be able to tell? You know, if there was a ruler, it hurt me when it was in this range, it didn’t hurt when it was in this range, it didn’t hurt, etc. The problem is that this measure is determined by those who have comments to the event, not you. Ah, what’s wrong with that, why are you offended? or see what hurts you like…

It is only natural for someone who sets their limits in accordance with others to find themselves in such a situation. It can also be said that this is the inevitable end of who opens a set of emotions for general use. It is possible to introduce ourselves and bring ourselves to the fore in any relationship or communication that we establish. It turns into a relationship between me and you, me and us, even me and you.

Even if it hurts, don’t hurtSwallows the words “… Maybe they are waiting for him as an interpreter to the deafening voice of a broken heart. Put your hand on your heartEverything is fineMaybe that’s the power we have. This sweet dance will continue as long as you accompany the rhythm of life just like you, with your color, with your voice. Just like a seesaw, a little bit of ascension to the sky, a little touch of the earth, a balance where you align with the universe, although rarely.

It hurts to be offended, the secret is to forget, even if it hurts, and find the strength to start over. How naive is Sertab Erener’s song “Because of subtleties”:

Life will never hurt me again if I don’t want to.
The years can’t easily catch me if I don’t stop and wait
are you still
Be careful
Though not as much as me…

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