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How do you know if you’re in a healthy relationship?


While there is no specific formula for establishing and maintaining a romantic relationship, from time to time we want to know if our relationship is okay. When romantic relationships, which are an important part of our lives, don’t work out, our quality of life may decline, we may be surrounded by despair, or we may have to deal with difficult emotions.

Each of us would like to be one of the subjects of relationships that will satisfy us, make us feel peaceful and happy. However, we can also experience relationships that confront us with difficult emotions from time to time. If relationships that we hope will bring happiness and peace into our lives become harmful to us, we may suffer physically or psychologically. Therefore, it is important to notice some warning signs at this stage.

What are these warning signs?

  • If you often experience relationship anxiety,
  • If you feel that your self-confidence has suffered or is beginning to suffer,
  • If you feel angry, tired, or hopeless after spending time with your partner,
  • If you find it difficult or unable to express your feelings and needs,
  • If you don’t feel safe in every way,
  • If you sacrifice your freedom (social, economic, etc.) to save a relationship,
  • If you feel condemned
  • If you hide or need to hide some things that bother you in your relationship due to criticism that may come from your environment,
  • If you are constantly trying to convince yourself that your partner can change,
  • If you notice that your emotional, physical, economic or sexual boundaries are not respected,
  • If you often feel unsupported, misunderstood, ridiculed, or attacked, your relationship may be hurting you!

In your relationship:

  • If your boundaries are not violated,
  • If you feel that you are being heard and understood,
  • If there is mutual respect between you and your partner,
  • If you feel safe
  • If you support each other with the person you are in a relationship with,
  • If you feel loved and loved, you are probably in a relationship that is described as “healthy”.

While the factors important to romantic relationships vary from person to person, the relationships that are good for us mostly contain the traits I mentioned in the article. When you encounter negative situations from time to time, you can make adjustments by observing yourself and your relationships.

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