How do we find our companion spirit guides during difficult times?


One day something happens to us, and at some point we are left alone with our problems, and the chances of rebalancing are too small to be seen with the naked eye. No matter what we do, we cannot find a way out of the difficult situation in which we find ourselves, on our own. The reason for this is that the truths that brought us to the present are no longer useful. So these are our blind spots and what we think is impossible. Without external support, we will not be able to plan the next step, no matter how hard we try. However, another external force, a higher mind, can help us in this case as a guide that will allow us to look at our problems and at ourselves from a different point of view.

Meeting a spiritual guide is like meeting Dante with his spiritual teacher during the darkest period of his life, when he leaves the slopes of the mountain of happiness and wanders helplessly through a dark forest, as described in The Hero’s Journey. Dante’s spirit guide tells him that he will have to take a completely different route to get out of the dark forest, then the fellow traveler appoints himself as a guide and helps Dante on his journey and get out of the dark forest. I wish I could hear you say that this has always been the case in real life. In fact, the point is that this is how it all works. We also come across a spiritual guide as a companion to help us through difficult times.

So how do we recognize our spiritual guide?

For someone, this spiritual teacher can be a person, a mentor, a witness to an event that happened to someone. For some, it can be a book, an author, a teaching or training, an expert podcast, a video, or whatever, the part that catches and makes a big impression on us. It brings about changes in our lives. I have seen similar miracles happen over and over again in my own life and in the lives of those I coach. Every time I was cornered and needed a teacher to move me forward, a person, event, or thing would spontaneously appear to help. And it shed light on my path, allowing me to see my blind spots.

This guide knows exactly where you need to go in the wilderness during the most unhappy period of your life, and he happens to have free time for you. Spirit guides don’t quite agree with your current ideas. They offer us to change with their crazy methods, which are very different from the methods we are used to. Our first encounter with our true spirit guides can often be indescribably disturbing, unconventional, incomprehensible, or completely random. But I am sure that there are many people around you who share your processes and are ready to tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel. It can be relatives, friends, family or even strangers. Here you need to be very careful. Based on their own experience, they can give you advice that will get you out of a hopeless situation by bringing their own truths to you. Which may have come to your mind as you read these lines about such a bad experience in which we followed the bad advice we received. That’s why I’m going to give you a little advice so that you can better understand what a spiritual guide is not and not fall for the wrong guides so that you don’t have trouble putting the wrong advice into practice.

The role of spiritual guides is very important but limited. They don’t give you a ready-made recipe to use. They provide enough feedback to help us find our own path with our first and help you find the strength to act, motivate and keep you on the right path. Learning to deal with this situation on our own is the most important thing if we are to know our truth and change our reality. The role of the spiritual guide here is to simply and easily integrate us into our inner world and connect us with our natural abilities.

What do spirit guides look like?

First of all, when we first hear this concept, we imagine a soothing comforting presence, someone who will take care of us. On the contrary, a spiritual guide comes to annoy us, to wake us from sleep, to shock us and is completely contrary to what you deeply believe. It may even take us years to look back and realize that it was for our own good.

Spirit guides often do not share the same values ​​as our culture. An immovable cultural value system plays a role in us deviating from our true path and normalizing us from true happiness. If we become too obsessed with the pursuit of cultural values, we can become numb and consumed in search of goods that will not actually make us happy. Therefore, spirit guides must be free from our cultural delusions. In other words, the people around us may not be like what we have read and heard before, their behavior, advice and reactions may be very different from what we are used to.

They are not affected by our manipulations, our temper tantrums, our well-meaning praises, or even our presence or status. They do not listen to stories about our victims and do not lament, do not offer empty consolation for pitying us. And what they believe in cannot be turned a millimeter off their true path. They see if we are really happy, they hear what is behind what we actually say, and not what we say. And spirit guides know when to release you and surrender. In doing all this, they do not pursue personal interests. Here’s how you recognize them.

The main reason for the existence of spirit guides is to ensure the integrity of your soul, body, mind and heart and to discover the spirit guide in you. In this way, you can continue to move forward with your firm steps and live a fulfilling life in accordance with your inner nature.

Here, this article will be with you as a reminder to connect with your inner guide in difficult times. Or it will allow us to look at your surroundings with this eye, listening to the people around you, the events, the films you watch, the trainings you receive. Our society, cultural values, and past knowledge may not encourage us to accept this. But if you believe it will be right for you, allow that feeling to awaken and keep your eyes, ears, and heart open for the arrival of a spiritual guide. Your spirit guide appears with fairy dust…

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