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There is a child in each of us; It is the power that takes all our wounds, collects our sorrows and happiness, stores our deepest desires and unrevealed thoughts, and makes us who we are. our inner child… This spiritual symbol, which bears traces of the positive and negative experiences of our childhood, which brings to the surface our deeply hidden memories when the time comes, which tries to fight our traumas, which whispers either in a loving or in a critical tone. , condemning voice. It affects our understanding of ourselves, making sense of what we are experiencing, acceptance/inability to accept ourselves, sometimes allowing us to cope with life’s difficulties, and sometimes creating difficulties because they are traumatized. Can we heal our inner child? According to many experts yes, but how?

Lewis Hawes, New York Times bestselling author and owner of The Greater Mind, shares that while the idea of ​​healing our inner child may seem grandiose and intimidating, it can only be solved through therapy, there is actually something that we can do it ourselves. . Although it is not a process with a start and end date and specific steps, there are some practices that we can use to heal the wounds of our inner child, heal them and wrap our whole wholeness by releasing traumas. Here are practices that Hawes suggests that relieve trauma and help heal our inner child:

Choose your baby photo

Howes, “I have a picture of myself on my phone screensaver when I was five years old.” says and adds: “Try to find as old a photo of yourself as possible and put it somewhere where you’re sure to see it every day.” Place it on your phone or computer screen, or place it in a frame on your desktop. Choose any method convenient for you and a place that you will often see. By seeing yourself as a child often, you can heal your inner child.

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Identify your painful memories

Renowned physician Gabor Mate “Trauma is not something that happens to you; it is what is happening within you as a result of what is happening.” Do you remember the word? When it comes to trauma, exploring the deep wounds within us is the single most important step in healing. Because suppressing pain does not heal the child inside us, on the contrary, it exhausts it even more. This is why Lewis Howes says that painful memories need to be identified: “Perhaps starting from your age in your chosen childhood photo, you can unearth a painful memory using the power of journaling or talking to someone you trust.”

write what you feel

After describing the painful moment and revealing it, write down how this pain caused you to feel and what emotions it caused. By confronting your feelings, realizing what hurt you, accepting it, in short, not ignoring it, you will make your inner child feel heard. If you find it difficult to do this, Howes also recommends enlisting the support of a trusted person. If you like, click on our article to learn about the healing power of writing.

Learn at least one lesson

Having described your pain, writing down how you feel, opening up to your feelings and accepting them, it’s time to learn from all this experience. You can heal your pain by establishing a new, positive relationship with your pain, Howes says. “This does not mean that you should forgive those (if any) who hurt you, instead try to focus on the good that comes from your experience.” What has this pain taught you about how to talk to difficult people or ask for help? Once you establish this new, positive connection, you will be able to approach triggers with more self-love and understanding. This won’t happen overnight, Hawes said, but as it continues, his influence will spread.

Change photo and repeat

A new photo to focus on after supporting your inner child (and/or age) choose. “Yes, this process may take some time, but that’s the whole point. Healing trauma doesn’t happen overnight.” says Lewis Howes and invites us to return from all our old memories to today.

So why are all these steps important? Is it worth all the effort, time and effort? Yes! Lewis Howes states that every time we spend on healing our inner child, it is very valuable, and by healing our wounds, we can develop better relationships with ourselves, our family, friends and partners, and we can control various situations that can cause our pain. And says this unforgettable phrase: “Sometimes you can’t move forward without looking back.”

If you’re not ready to take all of these steps, there are other ways to release trauma and heal your inner child: nurturing creativity, collecting things like rocks, shells, or pebbles, journaling, and other practices you can relate to. and make you feel good, you can take a chance.

On the other hand, do not forget to approach yourself with interest, do not forget about self-love, self-compassion, and most importantly, give yourself the necessary time. house,”While no one can “complete” the healing of their inner child on their own, starting the journey is the most important step.” speaks.

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