How can you find the strength to change?


On the path to sustainable change, we need to connect our two main tools, our mind and our heart.

Many times in life we ​​have felt that in order to create change we must bulldoze it, be a force, constantly fight and train our minds to change, but what if I told you that the mind is not the only thing we need? need to change? Looking for and struggling to find long-term change? What if I told you that the heart is actually just as important?

To achieve the desired results, a person needs to harmonize with himself, learn to balance his thoughts and emotions. There is a widespread belief these days that reason, will and determination will lead to the desired result…

But let me tell you something that I have personally experienced; Without a strong connection to the heart, the mind cannot win what you want to achieve, at least not with long-term results.

Of course, you may think that you have achieved your goals, but if the heart is not engaged and fully involved in the journey, the chances are high that the changes are temporary or will not be able to be realized when the movement continues.

Top 5 Traps Created by the Mind Without the Mind of the Heart in the Process of Change

It really illuminates the need to bring the wisdom of the heart back into our lives and our daily choices. I have listed them here and added my own comment.

Victimization: The brain believes that when something unpleasant happens in our lives, we are victims and someone must be to blame. We don’t think about taking responsibility for our own actions or inactions – experience can be a life lesson for soul growth – or creating our own reality in such a way that no one else is to blame.

The world is against us: The brain thinks life is hard. The world is a place where all you can do is survive. The heart knows that we have chosen all experiences for soul growth and that life is for you, not against you.

Hard work always pays off: The mind does not understand how energy works and does not see how events will develop in the future. The mind is the receiver. He only knows the past and how things were done outside of that context. The soul, accessed through the heart, has the highest knowledge of the future. The heart knows various forms of reality creation and energetic alchemy to get what we want or where we want to go. This is why the mind believes that the ONLY WAY to achieve anything is to work hard.

I can change people: Without the higher knowledge of the mind, the heart has the prospect that we can change people. The truth is that we cannot change people. Because of the fundamental nature of reality, this is not possible. We all live in our own energy bubble. The only possible change is within us. When we choose to look at someone in terms of unconditional love, the other person either changes their vibration due to raising ours, or the other person’s behavior no longer bothers us…because we see them through love and know no one else bothers. . They can affect our lives if we don’t let them… No one can limit us unless we choose to.

Frustration means aggression: The mind does not recognize the choice of our experiences. It is very real in your understanding. That is, if used without a heart, the mind thinks that we should respond to everything that upsets us. We must scream, defend ourselves and feel sorry for our supposed adversary. The heart recognizes that there is never a reason to protect or harm. Hold the vibration of unconditional love, which is really the only way to love and respect yourself, and watch how this frequency destroys the illusion of separation that the situation is holding.

Balance of heart and mind

Training your thoughts gives you a strong mind, but training your heart also connects you to your deepest self, allowing you to work towards your goals and beyond. To balance the heart and mind means to connect with your deepest self, and when you finally reach this connection, no one can take it away from you. Things around you may come and go – money, career, love, health, everything – but this deep connection with yourself is permanent, so be sure to make it your priority. It’s a connection that really pushes you out of your comfort zone and into the more important things in life.

Change takes time

Our fast-paced and hyper-connected world has taught us instant gratification, getting everything we want right away. However, this does not work when you are looking for long term changes. Like everything worthwhile, change takes time and repetition. It takes many conscious small steps in the right direction to break old patterns of behavior and make real changes that prevent us from becoming who we really want to be. There is no quick solution. That’s why it’s important not to ask too much of yourself. Don’t rush the process, good things take time, so be patient with yourself.

We don’t have to heal everything on our own – we can be very gifted beings and get used to dealing with problems on our own or even reaching out to a person in times of need – but true courage lies in stepping out of the shadows. and ask for help. We need to admit to someone we trust that we cannot figure everything out and want to change profoundly.

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