How can we interpret the emotions we feel in a dream?


The emotions in our dreams can be very different from the emotions in our daily lives, depending on where we see them. In a dream, they can be more extreme, since there is no selfishness, fear, anxiety. As if we allow ourselves to express ourselves freely. Sometimes, when it is difficult for us to analyze a dream, if the symbols do not make enough sense, we can interpret our feelings by remembering them. This will help you understand what you are thinking about or what is going on inside you before going to sleep. We can understand what we need emotionally, what we eat, how we are trying to cope, from our dreams. This feeling can be when we are inside a dream or when we wake up from a dream.

If what we feel is related to anger, we fight for our rights in situations that upset us. If you feel lonely, it can be explained by reasons such as the need to be independent, the need to be complete. If we are in a sense of emptiness, we must realize that we need to pay attention to the lack of pleasant areas in our lives and discover special areas.

If we feel cravings, we need to review our habits and find out what was before and what we ate that made us happy. If we woke up with obsessions, this indicates our anxiety about a situation that we could not cope with and quit. If we have woken up from a sleep of responsibility, we must evaluate our unconsciously put off tasks and see if our own responsibilities are forcing others.

I wish you dreams full of awareness.

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