How can we deal with our emotions during difficult times?


Dear readers, I know that you are experiencing many emotions after the earthquake we experienced. This painful experience, which we have directly or indirectly undergone, has raised questions, fears, anger and sadness about our lives. Know that you are not alone.

So how do we deal with all these emotions?

I want to express it; In the process, I receive feedback from both my inner circle and many of my clients about their feelings of helplessness and anger. When you feel these feelings, stop for a moment, observe and try to feel these feelings, even if they bother you.

Because every emotion we ignore rots and becomes unhealthy. Acknowledge your feelings, even if it’s difficult. In such collective traumatic experiences, the most rewarding action is to connect and be side by side with people with whom you empathize and who are affected in some way by this process. So you can deal with feelings of helplessness and anger with the functional model. Being part of the pain also often heals and restores. In this context:

  • Share your feelings and thoughts with a relative
  • Participation in campaigns initiated for victims directly affected by the incident (municipalities, leaders, NGOs, etc.)
  • Financial assistance/donation where possible
  • Participation in volunteer activities

We must not forget this; All of this can be beneficial for our individual wounds affected by this process, and will also contribute to social healing, since we are the people who make up society.

Additionally, remember:

  • We are not to blame for these things.
  • There may be times during the process when you feel inadequate, and that’s okay. You may experience crying, insomnia, trouble concentrating, loss of appetite, this is also normal.
  • Check your body and soul from time to time: do you need a break from the news, social networks?
  • You can learn Psychological First Aid (PFA). You don’t have to be a mental health professional to do this.
  • And most importantly, consult a specialist when you need it. Now we need to realize how important our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Every investment you make in this matter is your most valuable investment. All this will also heal our own wounds.

As an airplane passenger, put on your mask first. Make sure you have the ability to benefit others. Condolences to all of us, good luck.

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