How can we change a bad first impression?


Most of us know that first impressions are very important. We want to express ourselves properly, reflect our best side, and make a positive impression on someone we just met. But that’s life, things don’t always go according to plan… Sometimes when we meet someone we’re meeting for the first time and want to make a great impression on them, things might not go so well. Maybe we could be facing the bad timing of the person in front of us, or we could be caught off guard. On the other hand, it is possible that we misbehaved and lost control due to pressure or worry on us.

Although it is impossible to relive the moment of the first meeting or turn back time, fortunately, something else can be done. That is, it can change a negative first impression; we can exhibit an attitude in which we express ourselves more accurately, whether in our professional or social life. As? Here are tips to help you erase a bad impression and create a better one:

Understand that first impressions are just the beginning

Think about the people you’ve changed your mind about as you’ve gotten to know them better… There are probably quite a few of them. For example, think of a colleague who seemed very cold to you at first, and then realized how warm and approachable they were while working on a joint project. It may have taken some time, but then your ideas about the person in front of you might change. Start with this example and remind yourself that first impressions can change. Don’t hide behind a bad first impression and instead of making excuses that it can’t be fixed, take action to make a new and more accurate impression. Remember, the first impression, no matter how bad, was only the beginning; It’s up to you to change it over time. Take a step now and start planning a new meeting.

Ask for a chance to fix it

Being candid can help minimize misunderstandings and reshape communication. Just, “I feel like we’ve taken the wrong step. May I invite you to dinner?” or “I think we started off wrong, how about coffee?” You can propose to meet again. Remember, honesty can change the game in any relationship. If for some reason you think you can’t make a good impression, sharing your opinion honestly with the other person will help strengthen the bond between you and make sure the other side has good intentions. You can also convince the person you want to impress better to give you another chance with your honesty.

Reduce the pressure on you

When you create the right opportunity to meet again, focus on reducing the pressure and stress on you so that the negativity that makes you think your first meeting went wrong doesn’t happen again. Stress can make it difficult for you to focus and express yourself at your best, so whether you’re dealing with a hiring manager, a new friend, or a potential client you want to deal with, it can be helpful to collect your thoughts. at ease before going to the interview. Deep breathing exercises, a short walk, or meditation can help you stay calm and boost your confidence.

be more prepared

If something went wrong in the first meeting, you may have been caught off guard. For this reason, it is helpful to prepare well in advance for your second and possibly future meetings. Information about the person you are interviewing or the organization they work for can help you make a positive first impression. Do your research and try to gather as much detailed information as possible. On the other hand, take care of your clothes, dress appropriately for the nature of the interview. If it is a meeting with friends, it is helpful to have a more comfortable but uncompromising look, and if it is a business meeting, you should acquire a more professional and serious look. Also remember that you must be punctual; especially if you’re late for your first date…

Remember that small, repetitive interactions build trust.

A Harvard study found that it usually takes eight consecutive positive encounters to change the other person’s negative attitude towards you. Isn’t this a very interesting and useful discovery? So, if 8 matches sounds like a lot, but if they can change a negative first impression, don’t you think it’s worth a try? Therefore, we can say that it is useful to be persistent and arrange new meetings. On the other hand, repetitive, predictable, small but strong interactions have a greater impact than a situation or event that happened just once. So a misfortune that happened only once on a first date can be overshadowed by many positive repetitions. Therefore, consistently focus on how to better manage the process.

Ask the person next to you for advice

You may wonder how asking for advice has anything to do with changing a bad first impression, but consider it a small, well-intentioned psychological ploy. According to Professor Wharton Adam Grant, asking for advice is a smart way to get positive results. Emphasizing that seeking advice encourages greater collaboration and knowledge sharing, Grant supports the emergence of more positive interactions between two people. “If you feel like you’re not making a positive impression, follow the process and ask the other person for advice. This will allow you to meet that person again and make a new impression.” He speaks.

Remind the other person how open-minded they are

Another tactic you can use, as well as asking for advice, is to tell the person that you think you are giving a bad impression about how open-minded they are. According to psychologists, many people egalitarian goal has a relationship called; egalitarian goalThis includes being fair and open-minded, being tolerant of others even if they are different from you, and treating people equally regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, race, appearance. For this reason, expressing how open and tolerant the other person is can help create a positive interaction between you. I appreciate your open-mindedness, I know how open-minded you are You can use phrases like

Finally, remember that you are subject to error, that circumstances may not always be under your control, and that a bad first impression is acceptable and changeable, and don’t burden yourself unnecessarily.

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