How can we build relationships with social media during difficult times?


Social media… Since it is a very powerful communication and support tool in times of crisis, it is quite possible that it will quickly become a medium that will engulf us. In this article, I wanted to share ways to use social media effectively. How?

  • to be informed: Stay up to date, follow reliable sources, follow the latest developments.
  • Sharing accurate and reliable information: In order to avoid the spread of false information and gossip, to control the accuracy of information, articles, notes, we will share.
  • Help: Using social media to help those in need. Sharing trusted places that offer support.
  • expressing support: Talk about how you can help and support those in need through social media. Share positive, encouraging, supportive messages and show empathy and understanding.
  • be respectful: In difficult times, during times of crisis, people can have very strong emotions and strong opinions. Respect the feelings and thoughts of others, avoid unnecessary and negative controversy. Everyone can understand and feel the situation in their own way. We all have different ways of being influenced. This means that we all perceive pain and difficulties differently and experience them differently. Respect all these different states. While it’s important to be honest and open about a situation, it’s equally important to be respectful and consider the many different points of view. Considering them will help ensure unity and support in difficult times.
  • Using hashtagsA: Using relevant hashtags related to this difficult situation makes it easier to reach the right information and the right people. This can help you easily get the information and support you need.
  • take breaksA: Social media can be a valuable tool in difficult situations, and the constant flow of information can also be tiring. Setting limits on the time we spend on social media helps a lot to maintain mental health and mood.

In times of crisis, social media is important because it not only informs us, but also keeps us informed and gives us a sense of support and unity. However, constantly reading the news and participating in discussions can quickly turn into a source of stress and anxiety.

It is very important to limit the use of social media in order to maintain our mental health. Taking breaks from social media, limiting the time we spend in front of a screen each day, or reviewing the accounts we follow on social media and deleting the ones that don’t work for us during this time can help.

It is also critical that we prioritize taking care of ourselves in times of crisis. It can be physical exercise, spending time in nature, hobbies that will relax us… By taking care of our own well-being and mental health, we are better prepared to deal with the problems associated with a crisis and can provide stronger support. others who fight like we do.

How can we take care of ourselves, how can we take care of ourselves in such difficult times??

  • We can practice mindfulness; sitting, watching our breath, noticing our feelings, feeling our body…
  • We can take breaks; It shouldn’t be for very long periods of time, even as short as 5 minutes. Read a book, listen to your favorite song, drink coffee, look out the window, take care of the plants in the house, if any…
  • We can keep the body physically active; Walking is the easiest way. But in case we’re wondering, doing yoga, swimming, or even cleaning the house are all good ways to keep the body active.
  • We can be with others; communicating with family and friends, talking on the phone or meeting, if possible. Just being together is enough. Social support is essential for life.
  • We can practice self-compassion; because being kind and compassionate to yourself is much more important and necessary, especially in difficult times. Feelings of anxiety, fatigue, boredom and anger are so natural that writing at such moments and noticing the positive voice within ourselves is beneficial both for us and for our environment.
  • We can reduce the impact of triggers; Some news sites, some social media accounts can make us even more angry, sad and afraid. Recognizing this and limiting following these accounts can make us stronger.

If all these measures do not relax us and do not help to find a balance, the professional support of specialists in this field can help us a lot during this period. It’s good to keep it in the back of your mind.

Do you know who fights the most these days?
Therefore, more than ever, we must be kind.
To yourself and others…

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