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“How can I forgive a girl if I cheated on her?”: all about cheating


Let’s say you cheated on your partner and you really regret it. While admitting infidelity can cause a lot of heartache and anger, a relationship can last as soon as two people ask for it. Of course, it is possible to restore relations after infidelity only if the infidelity is sincerely regretted. If you decide to admit to your partner that you cheated on him, we recommend that you make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons, and not to alleviate your guilt. “How can I forgive a girl if I cheated on her” Read on to find out more on this subject.

“I love my girlfriend, but I cheated on her”: why do people cheat?

Heard this sentence before; You can even install it yourself. Experts say infidelity isn’t always the result of a bad relationship. Sometimes one of the partners may feel at an impasse, whether it be children, finances, traditions or something else. Therefore, he may sneak around to satisfy his need for intimacy and approval from someone other than his partner. But, according to experts, in many cases scammers are in fairly healthy emotional relationships with people they love, care about and don’t want to offend. So why do people who love their lover choose to cheat? Here are some possible reasons:

  • Opening yourself: For some, cheating is a way to discover repressed parts of themselves. These people may actually be looking for hidden versions of themselves and not someone else.
  • Unreliability: Sometimes scammers struggle with their self-esteem. They think they don’t have the qualities they want and may seek validation through deceit.
  • Unresolved life traumas: Sometimes scammers may reproduce or react to unresolved childhood traumas such as neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse.
  • Life unlived: A life that could have happened, a love that ran away or never happened can also lead to infidelity. Even if the scammer is not dissatisfied with his current life, he may wonder what his life would be like if he chose a different path.
  • Unrealistic expectations: Some people may decide to cheat because they have unrealistic expectations about what their partner can give.
  • Desire to experience strong emotions: When the main relationship moves into the comfort zone of long-term love, cheaters may want to feel the intensity of the new relationship.
  • Innate selfishness: Although scammers love their partner and enjoy their relationship, they may feel like they deserve more. Instead of viewing their pledge of allegiance as a sacrifice for the sake of their relationship, they may view it as something to get around.

“How to forgive a girl if I cheated on her”: ways to save a relationship after cheating

Above, we briefly explained the reasons for the deception predicted by the experts. Fine “How can I forgive a girl if I cheated on her” What should someone say? As we mentioned earlier, if both you and your partner are ready to mend the relationship, there are steps you can take to repair your relationship. Here are some of those steps.

1. Think about how you feel

It may be helpful to take some time for yourself and deal with your emotions. See if you feel remorse for cheating on your partner. Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions? Are you willing to take the time to improve your relationship? Think you’ll cheat on your partner again? Try to be honest with yourself. Getting in touch with your feelings can give you information about what you need to do if you want your relationship to work.

2. Don’t lie

If you’re rekindling a relationship, it’s important that you don’t keep cheating. When the infidelity is temporary, it may be easier to end the relationship. When an emotional relationship ends, the process can be more complicated. In addition, the person you cheated on may have feelings for you. So try to make it clear that you can no longer see him.

3. Take responsibility

Whatever your “reason” for cheating, you must take responsibility for your actions and rebuild trust. Don’t put the blame on your partner or relationship problems. Apologize to your partner.

4. Decide

Do you and your partner want to stay in this relationship? If you both want to stay together, you have a common goal. Make a decision knowing that both of you will have to rebuild trust and communication. If your partner wants to end the relationship, you must respect his decision. He may also need time and space away from you before he makes a decision, and that’s okay.

5. Be honest

If you want to move forward, you must be honest with yourself and your partner. You may have had to lie to your partner to cover up your infidelity. But now is the time for honesty. Be direct and open so that your relationship is on solid ground. Honesty in relationships reduces conflict. But it’s also important that both parties agree to be honest and talk about their expectations.

6. Keep your promises

If you say you’ll be somewhere, try to be there. If you say you will do something, try to do it. Be reliable and don’t break your promises. If you are not trustworthy, it will be harder for you to restore trust in your relationship.

7. Be open and patient

Where is your partner, who are you with, etc. Be open in the knowledge. Try not to hide anything from him anymore. It’s normal for your partner to feel betrayed and insecure right now. Acknowledge their feelings and try to restore the trust you have betrayed. Don’t expect your partner to immediately trust you again. But over time, you can try to regain his trust.

8. Contact

Research shows that the inability to talk to each other is one of the most commonly cited reasons why marriages fail. So be prepared to listen and talk to your partner. If you cheated because your relationship didn’t meet your needs, tell your partner what those needs are. It is very important that you both understand each other and what the other person needs.

9. Give your partner some freedom

It’s okay to take a little “break” if emotions are running high or if either of you is emotionally agitated. Sometimes things have to cool down before you can be together again or talk about difficult topics.

10. Spend time with your partner

You may need to spend time together as well as give your partner time alone. So plan dates if you’re both interested, and consider going on vacation together when your partner is ready.

11. Get professional help

To overcome cheating, you and your partner must be open to discussing and identifying problems in your personal life and relationship. You may want to see a relationship therapist to help with this process.

12. Be willing to forgive

In addition to your partner forgiving you, you must also forgive yourself. You have to take responsibility for cheating, but you don’t have to be constantly guilty for the rest of your life. One study looked at how couples repair their marriage after infidelity. Researchers have found that while the process is difficult, forgiveness is crucial.

So, do relationships improve after cheating?

Some research shows that couples who have experienced infidelity and seek professional help often have optimistic outcomes and are able to repair their relationship. Working with a therapist and putting in the time, commitment, and effort required to make the relationship work will determine if you can get back to normal after cheating.

Sources: verywellmind, psychology today.

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