How about taking small steps towards your dreams this year?


A big new year has already knocked on our door with many opportunities. What if this time we think about small steps beyond the classic New Year’s plans and promises?

Many times distant targets could prevail. Perhaps it seemed that you could take hundreds of steps at the same time. With the excitement of the new year, one would think that additional strength or change could develop in an instant. While miracles are possible at any moment, surreal expectations can be compelling. For this reason, I think it might be more functional to take baby steps to dream.

If we try to jump twenty steps at once on a steep slope, we may encounter disappointment. This can also be a problem for us in terms of feelings. However, after one firm step, two, three, four… one hundred… can lead us to the last step.

I say, beautiful person, whatever happens or does not happen today, or even what will happen, allow yourself to go in small steps. When you fall, get up again and you will see that each fall gives you the courage to get up again. And one day the road you were walking led you to your dream. You will see one morning.

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