Hopes, dreams and realizations in anticipation of the new year


When we start something, we are inspired by the new. Children’s curiosity is great, and curiosity motivates us to do what we want to do. We hope. We can appreciate the new year to motivate ourselves. We can make our dreams come true.

Our hope sustains us.
Our dreams give us strength.

Each of us experiences a lot at every moment, and we are sure to learn. The truth of life is that we are hard.

You know, your container is narrow and you can no longer fit into it…
You want to get out of the captain you’re stuck in…
You are afraid because you don’t know what will happen…

Don’t be afraid, take the child’s curiosity and excitement, hold it firmly in your hand. Touch your heart. As we enter the new year, be bold to step into the new year. As long as life goes on, there is nothing you won’t regret. Prove your love to yourself. Be grateful for your existence, for your life. What did you go through and how did you survive? Who knows how many storms you’ve weathered. Who knows how much joy you shared.

You succeeded, you were sad, you laughed, you lost, you loved, you were betrayed, you were angry, you cheated, you forgave, you made love, you were abandoned, you left, you left, you came, you had fun, you hated, you were, you were, you wrestled with unanswered questions, you were moved by love, you were inspired. , lost, divorced, married, born, gave birth, fell ill, recovered, died, resurrected, became loved, created themselves in many ways.

And everything passed. Again everything will be and again everything will pass. Life will flow at its own pace. A lot will happen in the New Year. Don’t worry, after one more year you will be better than before, because they all come and go, and you are alive and well. You have become wiser in life. Let’s multiply our hopes and dreams and make them all come true in the new year, always with health and love…

New Year’s gift from me to you:

The right to participate as a representative in the Family Constellation group study, which I will conduct on January 7 and 8, 2023. [email protected] I will give this gift to one of the people who wrote to the address with the date 01/01/2023 by drawing. I will announce the winner on my Instagram account @handeakinbenzamanı on 2/1/2023.

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