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Holiday Head: Now is the time to sharpen your axes


take a break…
Move back…
How refreshing it is to let go of all the work you do every day, even if it’s just for a few days…
Breakfast you have every morning without knowing what time or content is known at what time and where you will do it. Be open to whatever the moment brings. Every minute without planning.
I used to think of speed as ingenuity. You know how to understand chickpeas without words, carry three or five watermelons on the couch.
These days I’m trying to slow down, and in fact I feel like it’s even harder to slow down.
What happens when you slow down?
It’s happening more at the moment.
He is more in contact with himself, his feelings, his body, his needs.
This is a contact that I previously could not find time for in a hurry and even avoided from time to time. There was no time to think about what I want, how I feel ..
I don’t want to be misunderstood; I’m not talking about becoming happier or more positive, I’m just talking about being in touch with all that is; those. Partly cloudy for a moment, then possibly rainy. It is what it is, without criticism or judgment…
What a wonderful month
“How well I did”
“Ha, if I can handle this, there’s no one better than me”
“What’s next?”
“No matter what I do, it doesn’t work”
“But I’m incompetent”
I shouldn’t make the same mistakes I did last time.”
For a while, I tried to bring my inner voice to the present moment: with the intention of saving it from the past and the future.
Worrying about the future is not as helpful as constantly celebrating the past or avoiding regrets.
Better slow down and wait for the moment… Where am I now? Like me? What I feel?
Am I ready to notice and accept?

I wrote this article in 2019. That same year, I left the school where I worked as a teacher.

After 25 years of thinking that vacation is only summer vacation, I am writing another summer day.

As a person of an era when a break, a stop are associated with laziness and inadequacy, and productivity crowns, I intend to break my stereotypes of beliefs.

Why do people prioritize productivity over their own well-being?

He sees his own value when he produces it.! But he thinks that’s what it looks like. Stopping and resting is like leaving this arena. Throwing in the towel is like giving up. Even though you know it’s a break, your inner voice While you stop, those who continue pass you, you stay behind, the one who took the horse passed Uskudar. Whispers like these keep you active when you’re tired or bored.

Isn’t that stupid? It can get sick when a person is unable to reproduce – or sufficient when not producing. (for whom this is a separate topic!)

What a simple equation. We see the positive effect of a break in normal daily work. While solving Sudoku, you may have noticed that when you take a breath, take two turns, and pick it up again, you see clues that you haven’t been able to see for a long time. Of course, this does not only apply to entertainment such as sudoku and puzzles. A break gives you the opportunity to change your perspective, recharge your batteries, and strengthen your focus. However, despite all these advantages, we cannot rest.

Knowing is not enough…

You must go through this.

Changing our point of view: is it easier to let go of the situation if we consider taking a break, resting, or even stopping as a strategic move?

With this story that I love so much, I invite you to think about me and yourself:

Once upon a time there were two lumberjacks in the village. A sweet fight ensued between them over which of them was the better lumberjack. One day one of the lumberjacks came to another. “Come on, let’s give this thing a name.”” said. “Let’s have a competition. Who among us cuts more wood in a day will become the best lumberjack in this village.”

And the next day the race started. Both lumberjacks quickly got to work. After about an hour of non-stop chopping wood, one of the lumberjacks stopped. His ax made no sound. Another lumberjack, who wanted to turn this silence into an opportunity, continued his work. The other woodcutter was obviously tired and resting. 15 minutes later the sound again. The lumberjack, who thought he had taken advantage, continued to work hard despite his fatigue. An hour later the other woodcutter again did not make a sound. 15 minutes of silence. The woodcutter, who worked non-stop in a sweat, apparently thought that this woodcutter preferred to rest every time he got tired. “I’ll win! I am the best lumberjack in this village and today it will be proven.” he thought. With this motivation, he continued his wood cutting business. A lumberjack who is out of breath for 15 minutes an hour on one side, and a sweaty lumberjack who works non-stop on the other, all day.

They finished the race when the sun went down. And the result came out that surprised everyone … The woodcutter, who worked non-stop in the sweat of his brow, was not the one who chopped the most firewood, as he thought. Sheep”the best lumberjackHe lost his nickname “the other lumberjack”.


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So much effort, so much effort, so much sweat… Was it in vain?

With curiosity and even suspicion, he approached another woodcutter and asked: “How did you do that? How did you chop more wood than me? I don’t mind… You rested every hour. You worked much less than me and you were a winner!”

Another woodcutter listened calmly and said:

“Dear brother, I didn’t just rest during those 15 minutes; I sharpened my ax too!

Maybe the holiday head is an opportunity to sharpen axes, don’t you think?

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