Healthy lifestyle trends and healthy alternatives we must say goodbye to by 2023


In 2022, social media is sure to inspire many of us with different ways to be healthy and stay healthy. However, according to experts, not every trend that we face and that is widely applied is the best for our health. Although it is in high demand, it is necessary to leave some habits and trends in the old year and change them in 2023. The advent of the new year is a great opportunity to evaluate our good life habits, discover what does not suit us, and replace them with healthy alternatives. Therefore, one of the best steps to take before entering the new year is to become aware of the habits that should remain in the old year. Here are the healthy lifestyle trends and healthy alternatives we need to say goodbye to as we enter 2023 to help us in this regard:

quit completely

The term, known by various names such as silent departure, silent resignation, was one of the most talked about topics in 2022. This trend, which means working at the lowest possible level and not striving to go beyond it, was very common, especially among Generation Z in 2022, inspired many to post on TikTok and made many of us question our working conditions. However, according to experts, this trend should continue in 2022.

So what do you do instead? Susan Albers, clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic pretty quit instead draws attention to the need to define the boundaries between work and personal life. Furthermore “Hushing up increases burnout, stress, and anxiety, causing a normalization of being stuck in unsatisfactory or unsuitable jobs.” saying instead, ‘Think about what kind of work can be more energetic in 2023.‘ he adds. If you’d like, you can check out our article “How to strike a balance between work and personal life: 3 tips to help you achieve this balance”, which will help you with this.

Diagnostics from TikTok

You must have noticed that among the most shared wellness videos on TikTok, there is a lot of mental health content. The data shows that videos about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder will have over 2 billion views in 2022. #borderline personality disorder (borderline personality disorder) hashtag 190 million, #autism (autism) It has about 15 billion views. Mental health professionals agree that people who view these messages –usually young people– he says that he is very often given the diagnosis that they like best. However, a lot of misinformation can be spread in this way. Kate Kowalczyk, a therapist known in New York and California, “We are seeing the spread of disinformation, although high quality content tends to be ineffective. Combine that with the issue of access to mental health care in the US and it’s a recipe for self-diagnosis.” he draws attention to the problem.

So what to do? As with physical health, when it comes to mental health, getting support from an expert and moving forward with professional diagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment is the right way to go.

melatonin supplement

Studies show that Americans are sleeping less than before the pandemic, and as a result, their consumption of melatonin supplements is steadily increasing in 2022. It is also known that melatonin overdose not only in adults but also in children increased by 530% from January 2012 to December 2021. Experts say that such overuse is a concern and that parents should consult a doctor, especially before giving melatonin to children.

So what to do? Focusing on improving sleep hygiene and maintaining a proper lifestyle for regular and quality sleep, instead of melatonin supplements, experts note that melatonin should only be used in mandatory situations, such as traveling to another time zone. If you’re interested, you can check out our articles for improving sleep quality: Circadian Rhythm-Sleep Relationship: Listen to Your Body Clock for Quality and Healthy Sleep, The Magic Key to Better Sleep: The 6/30 Rule. “

IV treatment at home

If you spend time on social media almost every day, you may have come across posts from many celebrities or social media phenomena and even world famous names attached to serums at home. The transfer of intravenous therapy, in which vitamins, minerals or antioxidants are given intravenously, at home was common this year. In fact, the number of institutions providing services in this regard has gradually increased. However, according to experts, such applications may contain toxic or potentially harmful doses. It is indicated that these applications, which are made without specifying which vitamin, mineral or any supplement and in what dose, should be left with the new year.

So what to do? If you feel that your body is deficient in any vitamin or mineral and you observe some symptoms, you can consult a specialist for the most accurate diagnosis and take tests that are deemed appropriate, and in case of a deficiency, you can consult a doctor . advice on taking the right supplements at the right dose.

Video “What do I eat in a day”

Omelet, blueberries and espresso for breakfast, gluten-free brown rice pilaf for lunch, salmon and boiled sweet potatoes for dinner… You must have come across social media phenomena that share healthy and rich food in 15-second videos with fast transitions. While the data shows that such posts are getting more than 14 billion views on channels like TikTok, experts point out that these videos create unrealistic expectations and may promote an unhealthy body image. The fact that people with small builds and thin body measurements make such fasts may give the impression that the same body measurements can be achieved through these meals; however, according to nutritionists, not every diet, not every habit has the same effect on everyone; It is important to know your body and how it reacts to what food. nutritionist Emily Tills, “Most of the people who post these types of videos are talking about what they are consuming, and that doesn’t mean they can have an eating disorder. Keeping track of what someone else eats throughout the day is to deny confidence that our body will tell us to eat what it needs.” says and adds: “The next time you see one of these videos, keep scrolling.”

So what to do? Regardless of what other people eat, you should focus on listening to your own body’s needs and eating regularly and in a balanced way, rich in healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, and sources of protein whenever possible. You can check out our article “Intuitive Eating: 10 Essential Intuitive Eating Principles That Override Diet Thinking” for tips to help you better understand your body’s needs and organize your meals accordingly.

slimming needles

Claiming that weight loss injections, which are used to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity, are among the most popular this year, experts believe that people who do not actually need such injections are putting their health at risk by demanding such injections. Michigan MedicineHe is a Clinical Associate Professor of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetes in Russia. Andrew Craftson “People hear about these pins on Reddit, TikTok and other platforms. They listen to the success stories of others and are impressed.” and indicates that such injections should be done only by people who really need it and are recommended by a specialist, that this is correct. Otherwise, this practice, which can lead to various health problems such as kidney disease, gallbladder problems, low blood sugar, visual impairment, pancreatitis, should not be chosen unconsciously.

So what to do? You can make regular exercise and a balanced diet a habit to maintain your ideal weight and/or support your weight loss process. If you think you need medical attention for this, you should consult your doctor before making any decision. You may be interested in: “Advice for those who say they can’t lose weight no matter what”

Toxic Body Affirmation

body affirmation movementbodypositive), strives to accept, appreciate and celebrate all bodies, regardless of size or shape. But critics point out that the pursuit of body positivity is becoming increasingly toxic. Body positivity, which aims to emphasize that the body is valuable no matter how it looks, can also impose an obligation to love your body. And it can increase guilt and shame in those who don’t love their bodies.

So what to do? According to experts, loving your body all the time is unrealistic, instead, it is more profitable to leave this trend in 2022 and embrace bodily neutrality in the new year. “I love my body.” in place “I accept my body the way it is.” say it can help. You can also get inspiration from our article titled “The Body Neutrality Movement: Is It Possible (?) to Look at Your Body with an Unbiased Eye”.

foods to boost immunity

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is clear that immune-boosting foods are in high demand. Of course, it’s smart to want to protect yourself and take precautions, but according to experts, too strong an immune response with too many stimuli can cause the immune system to spiral out of control.

So what to do? Many experts point out that the best thing we can do is eat right, exercise regularly, give up bad habits, and if we have chronic diseases, monitor them and act under the supervision of specialists. If you wish, “Is it possible to overdose when taking supplements, how does this affect our health?” You can also check out our article.

Prioritize your health to start the change today and keep it going into the new year while the new year is just a few days away; Remember that the needs of your body and mind are unique to you. If you’d like, you can read what’s new in wellness in 2023 in our Wellness Trends 2023 article.

We wish you health and happiness in the New Year in advance!

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