Healing is the search for truth, even if it hurts


Don’t think people are just what they see
Search when you don’t see
Inside the picture of truth
Just a view from the outside” Mevlana says…

If you are deceived by the view, you have become part of the lie, you are cut off from your own truth. What we need to learn to distinguish from people whose hearts you cannot read, from those who hide a picture inside, and those who cannot approach you without a mask, is to be able to read between the lines.

Being able to read between the lines is as easy as being a good listener and observer. In just one hour of conversation, you can reveal most of a person’s profile. If you look impartially and without prejudice, the truth will pour out without even commenting. The hints for the image it hides tell you if the image is worth watching.

In order to make life easier, not to waste our precious time and not be deceived or even deceived, we must read between the lines well and hear those unspoken things. After hearing the spoken words, you will not draw conclusions, because this is what the other side wants us to hear. Listen to what you don’t say; Look at his hands, what does it say, look at his eyes, does he approve? In what context were these proposals formed? Does the body language match the words and tone of voice? Is it accompanied by gestures? How many shows? How much is real? What does he do when you turn your back? Does he immediately grab the phone and quickly sneak up? Angry at life? Ask him about his mother, how he feels about his mother, he will tell you everything. His attitude towards his mother is his truth towards women.

I manage, I change it, it settles over time, and its thoughts always end in disappointment. Know that it will not remain as it was in the first moments, and everything will return to its original state, so our goal is to see this original from the very beginning. What is their behavior towards others? There are two dangerous situations here; firstly, he is very rude to others, insensitive to you, very nice and kind to you. This is very dangerous because he will be rude and insensitive to you at the first opportunity.

Second, he is very kind to others, very considerate, asking everyone how they are, very selfless and helpful to his friends… Well, What else do you want you’ll say? But if this is not his natural state, that is, if he is playing, then this is the most dangerous, because you will see that this is not so against you at home or in your life. This situation is a very insidious danger and it does not appear at first, because in the first moments you are other people and you are met by your kind, thoughtful side, then when you enter the category of the circle, the cards are dealt again. Believe me, you will never like these cards. Either way, you are in an unacceptable relationship. When you accept all these behaviors, when you ignore them, when you say that they will improve, that is, as long as the person / people are accepted, the dose of this situation will increase, and you “This has never happened before, for me it was very valuable” you will find yourself lamenting, unfortunately it was in the past, you didn’t want to see this picture, you just chose to believe it with the suggestions.

Well, let’s look at the reason why people came to you, why did they come?

Because he loves…
– Why did you like it?
He liked my hair…
– If I cut him? If it spills?
He liked my energy…
What if my energy drops?
He loved my youth!
– When will you be older?

So, in short “Is it in my window? To my climate? Question, you can’t live without questions, questions.

We live in times when people imagine themselves not as they are, but as they want to be, and with today’s opportunities, this is not at all difficult. This is why we all need to develop the ability to read between the lines. Our lives are valuable, our time is valuable, our days and even our hours are valuable. ‘Truth is the only thing that will protect you, so finding the truth, even if it hurts, heals.

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