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What did the new year bring to you, what did it take away?

1. This year I have been seriously tested with the concept of friends.
I think the biggest mistake I made was putting the people I love in the middle of my heart.
You are the first link in your life. I think in our society this is called selfishness, but it is not. Not really.
You build healthier relationships when you are happy and have self-restraint.
Your expectations are lowered and your relationship is liberating rather than dependent.
Increased respect for both parties.
Relationships are not laudable.
When I manage to get closer to you, when you take off your masks, you become more sincere, and this is reflected in your relationship.

A man who wakes up looking for a friend.
He is looking not for the one who caused the error, but for the one who closes the error.
I always think about how Shams sent Mevlana for wine. The bottle breaks in the market and what happens happens. People who listen to Mevlana for years immediately ignore it. It hurts me that they judge without listening, without understanding and without asking questions.

He doesn’t try to change it.
He is not jealous.
He sees the invisible.
Because a friend is a reflection. Divine love must be seen in relationships.

2. I paid a good price this year.
Every beauty has its price.
Success brings loneliness in the crowd.
maternal sacrifice,
marital effort,
Money worries, insatiability, desires and desires.
Loss of friendship in other areas
Unity brings compromises.
Thus, every beauty has its price.
Every loss turns into a gain.

3. The only secret to success is stability,
4. Even though I really miss the people who have gone out of my life, I must admit that their duties are over and they have changed shape in my life,
5. The greatest wealth needs the least
6. Money will not be earned by effort, but by the right step and mind,
7. Everything you do extra is actually meant to make up for what you couldn’t get when you were a little kid, and it puts the other side of waiting completely on.
8. I learned from bitter experience that beauty lies not in appearance, but in how you feel about yourself inside, whether you accept yourself or not :))
9. You can live and not be loved 🙂 still being loved is very good for people,
10. The judge judges and criticizes himself in his love,
11. The only reason for your anger is that you do not see yourself where you want to be,
12. That the feeling of insecurity is completely connected with my isolation from the Creator. That it’s completely slippery ground
13. The pain I experienced; I saw and understood that it was caused by my current assumptions, my strengths, my attachments, my conditioning and my emotionality. I’m the only one who can change them.

Because life is a game of my mind.
How do you want to install and play the game?
There is nothing outside. This is all your invention.
The scene is reflected back to you.
Start writing a screenplay for the New Year.
My only wish in the New Year is Awakening. Your?

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