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Hair Trends You Should Try Before the End of 2020

Whether it’s a haircut or a color change, trying out a new hair trend is a pleasure for every woman. The most popular hair trends of 2020 almost answer our need to make a change in our lives. This year, with hairstyles from the 90s making a comeback, it also gives us the opportunity to play with different colors and create a modern look.

The natural colors that were trending last year and the relaxed mid-parted hairstyles have given way to much bolder and more wonderful styles in 2020. In 2019, when warmer and more classic colors were in trend, we had the opportunity to take a good look at our hair, which we hardly changed. It’s time to make bolder decisions!

Androgynous and sharp lines

Straight cuts and straight hair, once considered boring, are making a great entrance into our lives in 2020. In this period when Korean music groups are on the rise, it’s no surprise that beauty trends inspired by the Far East have entered our lives. This trend is actually one of the easiest 2020 hair trends to implement: the hair is parted down the middle, cut straight without any layers, and blow-dryed smooth.

To catch on to this trend, all you have to do is tell your barber or barber that you want a straight and edgy blunt haircut. After that, you can use your new hair as a curtain on both sides of your face, or tuck one side behind your ear for a more innocent look.

Bright colors

Wonderful reds, the toughest blue-blacks, solid platinum blondes… The bold colors that are taking their place among the 2020 hair trends put shoes on natural sequins and balayage. While natural hair is lagging behind, trendy colors are taking over hair salons. Looks like we’re going to be much more remarkable this year with shiny hair made up of one bold color.

If you want to take this trend with a darker color palette, you can start by casting shadow on your own hair color. In copper color applications, you can benefit from more color transitions and get blue tints in blacks.

high tail

The simplest model among the hairstyle trends of 2020: a high ponytail. This trend, which can be caught at home without going to the hairdresser, looks like it will take over the catwalks in the new season. The advantage of this trend is that it can be used both daily and on special occasions. You can try this style with a wet look or with wavy hair.

The most important tip you can use when trying on a high ponytail model is to use hair oils instead of hairspray or styling cream! You can use your daily hair oil to gently soothe your hair. It also allows you to take care of your hair.

Contrasting colors

Inspired by the Spice Girls of the 90s, the contrast color trend is arguably the boldest of 2020’s trends! In recent years, we have been making foils and crepes to give natural shine to hair. In 2020, we will get rid of this torture by applying bolder and lighter tones to thick buns.

When applying contrasting colors, you can start by lightening strands 7 to 8 centimeters thick, starting from the hairline. The trick to applying this trend is to choose light tones that will contrast with the rest of your hair.

Wavy and layered

Those who dare not go for an androgynous and edgy haircut and want to achieve a more natural look can join those following the 2020 hairstyle trends with a 70s-inspired layered and slightly wavy cut. With soft and light waves, this haircut is the easiest way to create a casual and stylish look in everyday life.

To capture this trend, you can ask your hairdresser to style your hair at different lengths and finish with thin bangs at the level of the eyebrows. The trick to getting into the 70s vibe is to spray some seawater spray on your scalp and dry your hair on a low speed hair dryer.

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